Ripple Listing on Nasdaq in 2019 is intended to destabilize Coinbase

Ripple Listing on Nasdaq in 2019 is intended to destabilize Coinbase

Ripple's ambition is to make cross-border transfers a better experience by providing decentralized financial instruments and a strong partnership. This partnership would strengthen them to overcome other strong competitors like Coinbase.

Mom's luck finally smiled at the Fintech company when they began negotiating a partnership with the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation Exchange NASDAQ.

This negotiation has been underway for about four months, with Ripple pushing its $ XRP among the first coin sets to be listed when Nasdaq launches its cryptographic platform in 2019.

"The back and forth has been running for over four months and $ XRP is one of the initial coins listed when @Nasdaq launches its cryptographic initiative at the start of 2019. The Nasdaq which lists XRP at the start of 2019 is a huge news and makes the coinbase irrelevant! #XRP. "

According to the dialogue that has been going on between the sources of both parties so far, this collaboration focuses on the market capitalization that will place $ XRP in a parallel position with ethereum.

According to a report by, a Nasdaq source revealed that the exchange is not interested in all the noise going on in the encrypted market, but on scalability. They can not afford to put aside $ XRP, which appears to be among the top five security coins by market capitalization, in launching their cryptographic initiative in 2019.

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He went on to explain that Ripple's cryptocurrency has attracted attention as much as bitcoin money, and if bitcoin money is quoted on all stock exchanges, even XRP should be. The Nasdaq evaluated Ripple's executives and credited them as well organized and classified, so he is ready to accept what they have to offer.

Another source in the Nasdaq also revealed to the magazine that Ripple and its $ XRP encryption will probably be the second largest cryptocurrency in the near future. So the reason for including $ XRP in the initial offer is obvious since the main focus is on market capitalization.

The source went further by explaining that, based on the Ripple management team and its level of operations in the banking sector, it meets all the Nasdaq standards established for market capitalization. Ripple has been compliant with due diligence, making its current management team available to them, the scalability of their currency is another advantage.

Ripple may not focus on taking the top position in the cryptography market. His goal of dominating the financial and commercial sector with his decentralized financial instruments is probably achievable with this new listing.

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