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Ripple CTO: the XRP price must be high to allow the company to aim for higher payments


While they are two different entities, Ripple and XRP both have one thing in common. The two institutions are offering customers the option of choice while simultaneously pushing for the validation and integration of the three main products of Ripple, xVia, xRapid and xCurrent.

While some of the companies that collaborate with companies come from third-party establishments (which Ripple refuses to advertise on their official social media platforms) the mention of XRP by these merger companies is enough to send chills in the encrypted space. There is a strong relationship between Ripple payments and XRP prices, a recent statement by David Schwartz suggests it quite well.

Nexo, Coil, Xpring and Omni

Most of the integral members come from the Ripple product, Xpring, which was initiated as a Ripple initiative to support committed blockchain startups wishing to adopt XRP in their operations. The Xpring initiative makes sure that Ripple has the key to progress, and goes into additional miles to support adoption, incubation, and the purchase of these products.

A few months ago, after securing around 25 million US dollars to Ripple and other similar companies, Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas, the people who advised Omni, advised the startup to publicize the integration of XRP.

One of Omni's key missions is to change the existing perception in the rental industry by allowing users to rent items they have but do not need to be paid in XRP.

For Omni, the use of XRP is a new option that has been modified as an option for the fiat option allowing users to enjoy an encryption experience for the first time in rental activities.

Although it has not yet been confirmed by officials, Nexo, the cryptocurrency loan processor has integrated XRP as its fifth virtual currency to act as collateral. An XRP button is already present on the user interface even if, as above, the company has yet to confirm these new events.

XRP Sales (XRP)

During quarterly reports, Ripple, the blockchain settlement startup, reported significant improvement in XRP sales during the 3 quarter of 2018. Ripple released its virtual currency, XRP, third quarter market report mid-last year week in which it shared the 120% growth recorded with respect to the percentages achieved in the previous quarters.

However, despite the increase in commercial volumes, XRP fell slightly below the corresponding XRP trading volumes from the first quarter of 2018.

During the third quarter of 2018, Ripple tactfully sold over $ 65 million of XRP assets, which accounted for approximately 0.17% of the RXP traded hands during the quarter.

In addition, as regards the three quarters of the quarter, the subsidiary of Ripple, XRP II, LLC, would have sold over $ 95 million of XRP in direct institutional sales that helped the combined net sales that have occurred over time to around $ 165. . millions.

This is about 120% more than the corresponding figures recorded for the second quarter of 2018. It is believed that the sales figures of XRP for the fourth quarter amounted to 73.53 million dollars, so the figure is not still equal to that of the third quarter. of $ 165 million.

In the area of ​​volatility, the Ripple report revealed that:

"The XRP volatility was light for the better part of the quarter, then it increased in the last two weeks of the quarter, as prices have also been appreciated."

XRP & # 39; s Year in Year Out Growth

Over the years, the amounts of XRP sales have continued to record upward increases, as has happened this year, except for some occasional changes.

Compared to the $ 163 million XRP sold by Ripple in the third quarter of 2018, Ripple sold a dark figure of around $ 19 million in value of XRP in direct sales over the same period last year. An additional $ 32.6 million of XRP comes from programmatic sales.

It is worth noting that the latest XRP market sales report did not include or discuss the inclusion of new customers.

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