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Ripple could overtake Bitcoin in Total Market Cap?

According to the Twitter user @ TheRippleShadow, XRP could become the largest cryptocurrency for market capitalization. He wrote this tweet a few days ago when XRP was surpassing Ethereum (ETH) as the second most valuable cryptography after Bitcoin (BTC). Now, XRP remains one of the most resilient cryptos in the last dive of the market.

XRP could be the biggest cryptocurrency

During the last week, one of the hot topics was XRP surpassing Ethereum as the second most valuable cryptography. However, the market continues to decline and XRP remains one of the most stable currencies. While Bitcoin and Ethereum lost 22% and 27% respectively, XRP lost about 5.2% in the last 7 days.

After passing Ethereum, the XRP community has remained very optimistic about the future of this altcoin. The Twitter user The Ripple Shadow said that in the next year XRP could overcome Bitcoin as the most precious cryptocurrency on the market.

However, this is not the first influencer in the crypto community to support XRP. Binance's CEO, Changpeng Zhao, hinted that they could consider including XRP as a virtual base currency for Binance. This exchange is the largest on the market in terms of trade volume.

Mr. Zhao asked the community to start firing XRP with the tweet he wrote. He said on Twitter:

"The XRP base is strong, let's get it off your system and put all your shillings under this tweet, and see how much we get."

The tweet has received more than 3,300 comments, 3,000 retweets and 7,100 likes.

Speaking of Bitcoin, the analyst @TheCryptoDog he said that there is a strong possibility that Bitcoin will approach $ 4,800 dollars.

In addition, the cryptocurrency analyst Ran NeuNer said that "everyone should download BTC and BCH and" put all the money in XRP.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 4,700 dollars and has a market capitalization of $ 80 billion. XRP has a market capitalization of $ 18.6 billion. If you want to reach Bitcoin's position, XRP should grow over 330% in the near future.

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