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Ripple collaborates with the Chinese research institute for the Blockchain technology research grant program

Ripple has worked tirelessly in terms of spreading its reach, with the company that recently marked a milestone in over 200 partnerships in 40 different countries. According to Crowd Fund Insider, Ripple has partnered with Tsinghua University in order to launch a scholarship program.

The Fintech Research Institute, Tsinghua University [THUIFR] plans to launch a Blockchain technology scholarship program [BRSP] for graduate students in China, and Ripple will support the cause of the university with this partnership. THUIFR is a well-known research institute and leader in China and based on its research and results resources will focus on international regulatory policies and on the development of blockchain technologies.

Ivy Gao, Director of International Cooperation and Development, THUIFR, said

"Above all, I think this program will be of great help for their future research or careers in the field of blockchain technology."

Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Ripple's Global Operations, said:

"The goal of the program – providing students with opportunities in blockchain research – aligns closely with that of Ripple's University Blockchain Research Initiative.We are thrilled to support THUIFR in this effort and look forward to its launch."

Ripple is well known for its far-reaching partnerships with companies related to the financial sector and even with research-based companies and universities. The company intends to support and improve academic research and the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In addition, Ripple recently announced that it has some active banks with their blockchain xRapid solution, which continues to create a lot of buzz in the community. A few days after this announcement, more than five financial institutions have announced their xRapid activation plans.

With its collaboration with the Chinese University, Ripple is slowly moving into countries with strict rules and regulations when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and this is seen as a step forward by some in the community.

@coupleofcrypto commented:

"Outstanding: Go to @Ripple – the most criticized in cryptographic space, yet by far the most active to get blockchain technology adopted around the world … This is part of Ripple's collaboration with universities around the world to promoting blockchain development.It's fantastic, Ripple is really helping the whole cryptographic space, but you step forward, just my opinion. "

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