Ripple coin price: how can it be 2019


2019 could be a good year for Ripple. Recently, after a period of inactivity, its value has started to increase. This could be the last chance to buy Ripple at low cost. According to experts, the price of Ripple coins is bound to increase in value. Based on the popularity of the network, a well-built platform, investments around the world are penetrating society and traditional media.

Price ripple coin: what are you saying businessmen?

Most people in the business agree that the price of Ripple coins could go up. The price of Ripple coins is bound to appreciate even if no one can really tell when it will happen. Experts are reluctant to make a Ripple coin price prediction above $ 5000. Experts suggest that the XRP can reach up to $ 1000 in a few years. Analysts also argue that the price of Ripple coins could touch $ 10 or $ 15 for XRP by the end of 2018 and up to $ 30 a currency by 2019.

Ripple coin price

With xRapid active, the user base expands on a weekly basis. The XRP coin operates on a reducing equilibrium basis in which each transaction is subtracted from the total supply of the currency. This triggers the scarcity factor which will be an important factor in driving the price of Ripple coins. Although the percentage increase and the time needed to appreciate can only be hypothesized.

Price ripple coin: what should be the range next year

In 2019 the price of Ripple coins could open the market at a rate of $ 0.78 and reach $ 1.10 by May 2019. In 2019 Ripple could have an independent trading platform and investment routes like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price of Ripple coins may close with a rate of around $ 1.20. This indicates that the ripple will give a bad run to other currencies such as BTC and ETH in terms of percentage increase in price.

At the time of writing, the price of Ripple coins is $ 0.308719. Ripple coin platform is an innovative system. Ripple is supporting financial institutions and banks in their attempt to provide faster and more efficient transactions that are built around customer confidence and on the network.

Ripple coin price

In addition, companies such as Western Union and Bank of America are already testing the ripple network to process remittances. With the successful testing of this network, it can easily lead to the widespread adoption of the Ripple protocol. This will eventually increase the use of XRP

According to various forecasts, the price of Ripple coins is undergoing an upward surge. According to the word bank, there is a large market for Ripple to potentially exploit as global remittance payments are expected to rise 3.4% to $ 466 billion in 2019.

The foundation behind Ripple's money, Ripple foundation, is actively updating and creating new technologies that can drive the price of Ripple coins to even higher levels. Another factor that will add fuel to the price of Ripple coins is the adoption of Ripple payment protocols.

The Ripple foundation is also actively pushing for its xCurrent, xVia, xRapid protocols to be embraced by those seeking partnerships, while also exploring ways to integrate the Ripple currency into payment protocols. With the increase in the take-up of these technologies, the price of XRP will increase further.

In conclusion

Given the momentum of the Ripple Foundation in promoting partnerships that are bound to bring the price of Ripple coins higher, 2019 could only be one of the brightest years for the price of Ripple coins. It should be remembered that, recently, the Ripple currency withdrew Ethereum as the second largest virtual currency with the second highest market capitalization.

The XRP currency is still ranked second on coinmarketcap with a market capitalization of $ 13 billion. Ethereum currently has a market capitalization of $ 9 billion. With these statistics, the price of Ripple coins is directed towards the top when the bulls come back.

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