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Ripple and XRP are about to enter walking phase, claims Brad Garlinghouse

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, claims that things are suitable for both Ripple and it’s native crypto XRP. Despite having a rough time in the market, Garlinghouse claimed that they have gone through the crawling phase and are entering the walking phase.

The XRP community needs XRP has poorly suffered since this year. Yesterday, a Ripple community member named Zerpenator on Twitter mentioned that he had a chat with Garlinghouse. He tweeted:

As we know, there is always FUD among users. At first, it looked to be a fake one; however, after analyzing it properly, it seems to be a solid piece of news. As no one from Ripple has denied this conversation, it looks legit.

In that conversation between user XRP and Garlinghouse, the user mentioned that they are looking forward to Ripple. And being an XRP holder, he thanked everyone in the XRP.

In response, the CEO of the company agreed that what they seem to be graduating to walk. Moreover, Brad also mentioned Bitcoin would be dominating in the future, which will adjust to reflect the tangible progress.

As it is on the record that XRP has not shown much progress in the market while the rest of the top positions have significantly improved this year. Beside that XRP stays at the bottom among the top cryptos as it performs at the bottom, so it is fascinating to hear from the head of XRP . Ripple's CEO has often mentioned that this is a crawl, walk, and run the race in the market.

Under the light of a famous proverb "slow and steady wins the race," Ripple and XRP are also slowly and steadily moving towards their designed goal. The fact that more than 20 financial institutions are nearing work entirely on xRapid. It will increase the volume and indeed the price of XRP in the market. So, it seems that XRP has made the first step into the walking phase.

Subsequently, Brad talked about Bitcoin dominance not too long needle; As it has always been the case, Bitcoin lifts the entire market. Ripple’s CEO believes that BTC is set to make a big move, and it will also help XRP to have a healthy return. Ripple has already surpassed Bitcoin in terms of actual financial industry integration, and in coming years XRP can turn tables on BTC.

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