Ripple and Ethereum Prices Going Nowhere, Litecoin Building Slowly

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Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) Stuck

The cryptocurrency market closes in a late summer break with little action on note prices and stagnant prices. The market leader Bitcoin is trying to move forward and continues to dominate the market with a 53% dominance, but the next level of encrypted is struggling to move, either way. The market as a whole has returned to levels seen a month ago, using total market capitalization, and volumes remain low.

  Ripple and Ethereum prices go nowhere, Litecoin Building Slowly

Ripple remains in a subtle downtrend on the four-hour chart and below all three moving averages. Small candles highlight the lack of trade or interest in XRP, while the RSI indicator is half-market and gives no indication of the state of the market. To bring a further upward momentum to Ripple, it is necessary to bring back the gap between $ 0.36 and $ 0.40.

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Ripple four-hour price chart (XRP) (23 July – 4 September 2018)

  Ripple and etereum prices going nowhere, Litecoin Building Slowly

Ethereum also the second most large cryptocurrency by market capitalization shows no signs of a move with the upside constrained by all three moving averages. The high-end of the first September at $ 302 is likely to run any bullish momentum in the near term while the August 14, at the price of $ 250 should limit sales. Also in this case, the RSI indicator does not provide any clues.

Chart of four-hour prices of Ethereum (ETH) (3 August – 4 September 2018)

  Prices of ripple and etereum Going Nowhere, Litecoin Building Slowly

Litecoin & # 39; s [19659008] four hours is the most technically positive of all three with LTC higher than the 20, 50 and 200 day moving average and close to the $ 67.9 one-month high press. A break and close above could see the gap up to $ 72.3 full opening up the road higher. The 20 and 200 day moving average crossover at $ 62.4 should limit the downside.

Fourecoin price chart of four hours (August – 4 September 2018)

  Prices of ripple and etereum going nowhere, Litecoin Building Slowly

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