Ripple Adoption Intensifies: Content creators can now accept XRP on YouTube and Twitch


C & # 39; is a new platform created by the former CTO of Ripple which is now integrated with YouTube and Twitch and allows content creators to accept XRP.

Coil is a company that aims to give the Internet Content Creator more ways in which they can monetize their work and is now in beta.

The company has integrated with Twitch and YouTube, allowing viewers to donate XRP to their favorite channels.

Through the platform, users can also donate to Wikipedia and the Internet Archive. [19659002] The platform uses Interledger, a protocol created by Ripple that was created to facilitate payments from multiple networks.

It is also important to note that beta users are also installing their own websites.

How Coil works

Coil is a startup of San Francisco and their main goal is to create new ways to support creators in creating oney.

The platform is easy to use and users need to sign up and pay a fixed monthly subscription. When they visit a supported website, Coil gives the creator on their behalf.

The central element that differentiates Coil from other services is that it uses an open API called Web Monetization to pay for sites in real time.

In this way, sites can provide benefits securely to all users who have activated web monetization, while creating an autonomous economy. You can find more information about Coil here.

Ripple's XRP is changing the financial world

XRP has worked very well lately, and will become the standard in cross-border payments. [19659002] If the crypt reaches this goal, it will interrupt the multibillion dollar financial industry.

In other words, it will be a huge result that will increase its price on the moon. The chances of this happening are approaching and more institutions are adopting Ripple's products and the digital currency, XRP.

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