Ripple Addressing SWIFT could allow Gottfried Leibbrandt to exit SWIFT


Ripple and SWIFT have both captured a large number of fintech banks and organizations for the international payment mechanism. However, ripple works completely on blockchain processes while SWIFT is not secure enough to rely on this disruptive technology.

RippleCoinsNews recently reported Ripple's statement on SWIFT that noted it & # 39; SWIFT No longer an instant payment, the industry needs XRP"By underlining the delays and challenges customers face with the SWIFT service, however, it is no more than a week for Ripple to report the late payments from SWIFT's obsolete payments, a new announcement launched in the media, saying Gottfried Leibbrandt The CEO of SWIFT resigns from the chair.

However, it is not yet clear whether Ripple's statement on SWIFT has anything to do with it.

According to sources, Gottfried Leibbrandt will leave his current position as CEO in June 2019. He has been the head of the Global Interbank Financial Telecommunications Company (SWIFT) for the past seven years. It played a key role in making SWIFT a major cross-border payment system, while at the same time resolving the hacks, the problems of sanctions and other crises As he remembered the journey, he said;

"Swift has a very different form than seven years ago", "There will always be a time to deliver the reins and write a new chapter, I think it's really the right time."

Despite this growth, it is quite clear that the ripple weighs higher than SWIFT. Since 2017, Ripple's continued partnership with key market players and the advent of various other products such as RippleNet, Xpring, xCurrent, xRapid, xVia and many others have demonstrated the way Ripple becomes a threat to SWIFT.

Although XRP is not the same as Ripple, it is rather a digital token of Ripple Lab Inc, the positive bulletins on Ripple and its underlying products are bringing the value of XRP to the highest point of the graph.

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