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Ripple & # 39; s XRP Latest to Read: Coinbase View new assets, earn XRP and price

The monthly performance of XRP is exceptional and dramatic at the same time, no doubt. Within 4-5 days its value has increased by 100%, although many call the momentum a mid-week exchange that will pass very quickly. The XRP / USD is trading at half its daily highs and lows which could end very quickly in both directions [$0.5600 and $0.5200].

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After a very hectic September with stellar price volatility and news flashes that have taken the crypto-verse, the end of the month is enjoying a more relaxing wave. Also surprising is seeing XRP and Tron (TRX) displayed on the mobile app and on the Coinbase website.

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Just recently, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform said it will accelerate the process of creating new virtual resources available for commerce. On Tuesday afternoon, the San Francisco-based company posted a blog post via Twitter and Medium, highlighting its new process for listing a series of cryptographic resources. These might be the signs the XRP community has been asking for a long time now. Fans expressed their excitement on Twitter in various tweets published.

Covered more thoroughly in a previous post on Ethereum World News, former Ripple CEO Stefan Thomas was testing the monetization of the web by donating XRP to Wikipedia for every Coil user visiting the site. Hodor, a member of the XRP community, explained the monetization of the Web as follows:

While Web Monetization is only a draft version of a new standard at the moment, it forms the basis for supporting a new type of Internet – one in which content creators can be rewarded for their services, applications and creations without having to rely on privacy – destroy advertising on the web.

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