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Ripple & # 39; s SVP of Product Shares Customer Response to xRapid and What & # 39; s Next for Ripple

Ripple's YouTube channel often includes interviews, Ask Me Anything (AMA) and presentations from various members of the Ripple team. The YouTube channel also features a series of short episodes called Ripple Drop.

In one of their latest episodes, Asheesh Birla, a Ripple product SVP, talked about customer feedback on xRapid and shared insights on the company's prospects for 2019.

Birla talked about Ripple's achievements regarding their products including xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. He explained that 2018 was a great year for Ripple and they did a lot, especially in making all their blockchain products work better with one another.

Their biggest achievement was the integration of xCurrent and xRapid, which allowed the two Ripple products to work together. He also proclaimed that getting xVia live was another gigantic success, stating that xVia has gained much traction over the last 2 quarters and is also compatible with xRapid.

The importance of xRapid

In the interview, Birla emphasized the importance of xRapid and its partners integration with xCurrent and xVia. He explained that Ripple has been pushing for the adoption of xCurrent on the market for over 3 years and now they have run it with xRapid.

This result can not be underestimated as customers using xCurrent will now be able to use xRapid more easily.

In addition, 2018 saw xRapid going live in Mexico and the Philippines. This result is very beneficial for xCurrent customers who send payments to those countries because they can use XRP as a source of liquidity.

Explaining in more detail, Birla said:

We have done [xCurrent] working with xRapid, and because this is a big deal is because it is not necessary to have the expensive capital tied up in Mexico. You can use xRapid to immediately obtain on-demand liquidity, provide liquidity and deliver payment in Mexico.

Following the statements above, Birla continued to explain the feedback Ripple received from their customers.

According to Birla, customers are demanding more locations / destinations to be compatible with Ripple's blockchain technology. He added that Ripple's customers want xCurrent to be distributed more so that they can reach the reach in some of the most difficult places to send payments.

Birla stressed that customers want a faster on-board experience:

And that means they want to be able to go to enlighten new corridors faster with xRapid because they know that as soon as the product is in their flow, they can not only save money, but offer their customers a better experience thanks to the speed and save on costs with xRapid.

What's in Store for Ripple in 2019

To conclude the interview, Ripple's Product SVP shared insights on what 2019 has in store for Ripple and its products.

The Ripple team wants to increase the adoption of xRapid by bringing it into more corridors that have the necessary regulatory clarity and in corridors that solve a big sore point for their customers.

There will also be a continuous push of xCurrent to more destinations so that customers can send payments on a larger scale around the world.

All in all, Ripple had an excellent 2018 and is destined to have an even bigger 2019. The company has recently passed the milestone of 200 customers with the addition of 13 well-known financial institutionsand there are many more customers to add in 2019.

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