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Review of Crypto coin rankings: Premium Bitcoin Investing Formula?

Classifications of cryptographic coins

Crypto coin rankings Bitcoin investment features

Some of the features you'll get with the premium subscription include:

System Creator

This tool will allow you to create a unique system that contains common indicators of technical analysis. It will allow you to test ideas based on historical data. The best part is that the system will be automated and will begin to provide signals in real time immediately. Therefore, it is not just a question of analyzing historical data. It is also actively providing signals that can generate real profits for you in the encrypted markets. This system has support for over 500 coins.

Top rating systems

This evaluation allows you to choose from hundreds of systems created by others. Each system will give you exact details on past performance while offering signals that you can follow. Simply click on the system to load it into the retrospective test tool. You can then check active signals and past results. You could even come with your signals. If you share them publicly, they will appear in the ratings.

The wall of experts

This is a small but useful community of cryptic investors. Their goal is to help you by sharing the tricks and strategies they use to keep up. This community aims to offer a helping hand. You will also learn about the common mistakes people make in the cryptic world.

All that is needed by you is that you contribute to the community. If you have success stories, you must share them. Beyond that, you can share your frustrations, fears and all the questions you have.

Crypto Social Volume and Sentiment and Telegram Alert Bot

In the premium area, the Crypto Coin-Rank tool uses data from Reddit, Google Trends, Facebook, Twitter and Sun to analyze posts and opinions on social media. The system will collect the most important tweets on each cryptographic currency and analyze the relationship between the price and the volume of social media.

Various studies have shown the volume of social media and the level of interest of the public directly influences that of cryptography. Besides that, you can set up alerts that show you, which coins increase social volume and sentiment in 24 hours.

This system will also allow you to order coins as you wish. Just click on the charts to enlarge. The recent three most recent tweets will be displayed automatically. If they have not been written in English, a Google translation button is available. Beyond that, you can receive alerts by telegram. They have a bot that will detect change every hour.

Crypto Calendar and internal news

This quick search engine allows you to access the database of all upcoming important cryptographic events for all supported coins. You can find out about the flights, the main announcements, the list of great exchanges, forks and all the other events.

Early Bird beta access by Auto-Trader

This is one of the best parts of premium membership. It will allow you to access the beta test of the trading bot. This allows you to trade automatically via an & # 39; API.

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