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Hi, let’s go out first.Today we are # Dek63.I want to share my experience during the exam Both Thai and English GAT providedGet 260+ for beingI already want to represent myself “I”.Let’s begin!

Our score is
Gat Thai: 150/150
Hole Eng: 112.5 / 150
Total 262.5 / 300

Preface that we have not learnedYon added, we’re not going to focus anywhere.I have read and reviewed myself.I recommend it to everybody.Probably according to the style we actually make ourselvesIt seems

* Ignorable *
Let’s start with the experience.When to go to the exam first The time to take the GAT exam is 3 full hours byDivided into 1:30 hour Thai pie and youReading 1:30 hours (Continue the exam immediately, without leavingThe exam room is very dark! isSo hot! The period COVID-19 beganNew outbreaks Teacher KunI checked everything, thoughA mask (?)

Thai GAT : We start reading in Grade 6. Semester 2 (Prepare very slowly; -;)The first thing to do is to ‘enterUnderstanding the ADF 99H symbols and keywords we useThe word “understand” why These letters do not have to be “remembered” at all, they are said in the test. But we must understand the principles of useEach works in order toLet’s connect to it.Myself

We will practice solving the problem startingIt was done before by a short articleIncrease graduallyThe length of the article indefinitelyOn their own weaknessesThe game we like to lose is mainly theD because we often can’t find the main character. Or I don’t hesitate to use D or A, so that’s good advice.The best for us is “solving the problemCycle to “let our brains get used to itTo find problems and keywordsVariety Try to enterIt does not matter! Thinking clipIf theTry going back and reading the “KhamIn the examination again, which oneThis page was used to help life.In the real test, we changeThe last minute answer whyCook to see the definition here.


  1. Look at the articles (both articles) forThe view before a ride on the drugOf the article
  2. Put the numbers in bold (wordsNeeded to be welded)
  3. Ahab, understanding, one sentence at a time.
  4. Read through all the lines graduallyAlways read!
  5. Find the keywords. Look at the “hidden” bold in the article.
  6. Believe your first thoughts (onTruth basis)
  7. If there is a ton, try to lower it.Of the “description” page

Gat Thai is nothing difficult butPractice and keep taking examsLet’s get used to the article. In many forms why don’t we do itYou may know that articleWe will find a story onWhat

GAT Ing : We prepare for the jetA lot, take some time to read like ‘realNgjang ‘only 3 days, believe us; -; But secretly than expected it is easier than thatKeep it when we can practice solving problemsThe estimated score is no higher than 60-80 / 150.

Recommended YouTube channels:

  1. GAT Eng cool cool of P’a normal gameWill live on Facebook butWe don’t look fast at all.After YouTube, he teaches the technique.The case is very encouraging, it is overflowing with teaching support.I watched from EP.1 really helped a lot.Let’s take a look. Link:
  2. KruSomsriMost of us know the wordPt from Somsri teacher in DekThe word is 4 pages, he says.Sure! butIt may be suitable for people who have time.She loved herself for a while because of the clip.It lasts one hour. Link: / KrusomsriStation
  3. Find an old source of scrutiny on Facebook pages.

Makeup: Made Gat Thai and then Gat Eng. Actually, write% the number of items that have been directed.When you complete 1 number

Books to read

Compare the pre-test scores and the actual exam

And another is recommended is to take the exam Dek-d pre TCAS as we canIt can simulate the real exam fieldThe answer sheet arrived home with (secretlyHe said that when we went to the exam, the score was poorVery TvT) makes exam day effective so we can’tThe most important thing is that we will knowWhat did they talk about! The obvious example is Counting the number of points after leaving the roomI took the exam and then go share the answer in the tweetPotter and what’s changingTo change some as beforeWhile the paper is used to staple the corners, butNow switch toOn duct tape and the way to unwrap it isWe can use a pencil or NACC paper to cut.So you don’t have to sit and peel the glue, haha. Making it possible to save several secondsA minute! That’s a little trickWe can.It comes from the pre-exam.

Another very important thing.Even before the exam * because even thoughHow ready is our brain?When the body is unable to rest earlierHere, I got sick when I went to the exam! (* But not a covidDue to the low sleep, haha) everyAnd it’s going to crush us all, so it’s panic. Where he will have a headache, especially if you want to cough in the roomThe exam is a real torture becauseTherefore, before the actual camp, take a look.And the body at the same time

This is the first post we would like to review. If there are errors, I also apologize here. It may be confusing on some tips. But I hope it is a guide for everyone.

Finally, if any of the children get lostRead or prepare to find informationThe information is inside. I wish I was someone else.I want the children. (In the position of Chor.Yes ^^) then it will passAble to fit with discouragement butDon’t back down, encourage yourself.Do it and keep your health together.Nothing is more difficult.I believe that of our abilitiesHe can do it, give all his effortsI’ve done it.Leading you to the parade routeSuccess is near here.

The good thing takes time … heart


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