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Rescue of Julen again late – World

The rescue of little Julen, two and a half years old, has been postponed again this Saturday and should only happen, at best, on Monday. Rescuers are working tirelessly, but the difficulties of the terrain in the Totalán mountain range, where the well in which the child fell last Sunday, are causing unexpected difficulties.

So the new rescue estimate points to a 35-hour deadline until a tunnel excavation parallel to the one in which Julen fell can reach the height at which the boy is estimated to be.

The drilling of the vertical tunnel has already begun, down the slope where the well is located, but the drill has encountered a rock mass that has delayed the work. It is estimated that it takes 15 hours to reach 60 meters depth.

After that, the Mining rescue Brigade experts from Asturias enter the scene. They will dig a horizontal tunnel to connect the tunnel to the well where Julen fell.

The newspaper & # 39; El Mundo & # 39; revealed, however, a picture of the child, which shows Julen sitting on the ground, in a place near the one where a few minutes later she would disappear.

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