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Report WSJ United Airlines and UPS Executives think that the advantages of Blockchain are too early for 2019


UPS Exec believes it is too early for the Blockchain benefits in 2019

Recently, some important executives of the giant UPS logistics they shared their opinions on the future of blockchain technology. According to him, unfortunately, 2019 it will not be the year when blockchain technology will finally become mainstream. The executives were interviewed by the Wall Street Journal in a report that was published today, December 28th.

Juan Perez, the UPS technical and information office manager and also vice president of tech of the United Airlines, together with Linda Jojo, the Chief Digital Officer of UPS, they say they are not much talk about blockchain technology and are still looking for the "killer use case" that will make it famous.

They claimed that, at the moment, they have a small team studying the blockchain technology and who are still looking for the use case that will define the future, as they do not see one and do not believe it will appear in 2019, but perhaps farther into the future.

The executives say it's too early to find a real implementation for blockchain technology that will be as good as people hope it will. According to them, it is not realistic to expect a significant result benefits in 2019 because technology is still mainly focused on the whole process of evolution and maturation as much as possible before it produces a great solution.

Commenting that a real revolution will require many parts and a greater evaluation of the technology, the duo has clarified that they are having a very balanced view on the prospects of the blockchain and that the team is ready to wait for it.

The interest in Blockchain technology has gone down during the year

The blockchain has received many mixed reviews during the year. Both the press and the companies have seen the fall in prices accompanied by a decline in interest in technology. The main problem It was clear: the promises were made in 2017 and not many of them were actually met in 2018.

Despite all the potential of technology, 2018 was a huge disappointment. The promises of innovation and interruption were not solid enough. While many people believe that these promises will be fulfilled in 2019, some believe that this will only happen in the next decade and others that it will never be.

Many companies have seen a huge increase in prices using the term blockchain on their projects, so all speculations have raised expectations and have caused even more disappointments.

2019 it will certainly be a year of recovery for some of the gods confidence that the blockchain technology has lost this year and start exciting new projects to show that its potential will become a reality.

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