Report the benefits of a New Zealand "blockchain friendly"


It is expected that the distributed books and blockchain will provide a significant positive improvement to New Zealand's economy, according to a new report.

In the report, Books and distributed Blockchain – Opportunities for New Zealand, author Joshua Vial of Enspiral, found that these emerging technologies would likely have a positive impact on high-tech jobs and digital exports to New Zealand.

"There is much unclaimed ground in the blockchain space: widespread use of security tokens, social links on the blockchain, adoption of mass digital identity and centralized digital currencies," he writes.

He concludes that New Zealand could be a world leader in this space.

Fiala has interviewed more than 50 blockchain entrepreneurs and investors, government officials, academics and international experts, for the report, commissioned by Callaghan Innovation and the blockhouse block study, Centrality. The Ministry of Enterprise, Innovation and Employment also financed research.

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