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Report Find Over $ 3 Million Private Bitcoin of Altcoin Prefinished

During the importation of data from the Bitcoin chain (BTC), an additional 2.04 million units of Altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP) have been secretly declared, the Coin Metrics cryptographic analytics website of December 23rd.

The allegedly secreted cryptocurrency – a fork that fuses Bitcoin and ZClassic – has a value of $ 3.602 million at the time of printing.

The project's white paper states that the initial supply of coins is equivalent to the combined supply of Bitcoin and ZClassic coins, plus a small amount for the mining program, making the total offer equal to about 20.4 million BTCP.

However, according to the report above, over two million units were coined with the importation of Bitcoin data "and sent to the protected pool of BTCP, bringing the initial supply to 22.6 million".

This alleged action, the researchers point out, contradicts "the white paper and all the materials published by the team". The report also states that 300,000 "reported" units of the hidden garrison have been moved out of the screened pool to what appears to be trade. "

This presumed amount of BTCP, given the limited diffusion of the cryptocurrency by the recipients of the air launch, meant that an additional 300,000 units "represent about 10% of the BTCP offering in circulation".

Finally, Coin Metrics also points out that there are still "1.80 million confined units remaining in the shielded pool". At the time of the press, Bitcoin Private lost more than 23% of its value during the day and traded around $ 1.84.

As recently reported by Cointelegraph, Starteos, one of the manufacturers of EOS blocks, seems to publicly offer rewards to token holders in exchange for their vote in a blatant violation of the establishment of EOS. This is not the first such scandal involving EOS, since this year's Huobi – which is both a cryptic exchange and a BP – has been accused of handling a corruption scheme.

Also about a year ago, SegWit2x, a hard fork designed to help with Bitcoin scaling problems (BTC), was programmed to happen in a predetermined block, but has since been canceled.

However, the project was subsequently "revived". Analyzing the proposed code, the community discovered that the developers had tried to reward 6 million BTC, equivalent to 28% of the total supply.

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