REMME is on track to offer a future without password with Blockchain


With billions of people and devices connected to the Internet at a given moment, online security has never been so crucial. Despite all the vulnerabilities involved in access, sensitive data, including personal identities and financial registers, are still stored on centralized servers accessible via password authentication.

While most companies do their best to curb cyberattacks, malicious actors always find ways to exploit unsuspecting users and steal access. Surveys have shown that about 80% of people use the same password on multiple websites and devices, further weakening the security of their accounts. Have I Been Pwned, a website that tracks estimates of large-scale data breaches that over five billion accounts have been compromised in documented hacks.

Given the security and wealth of people and businesses dependent on the security of reliable data and passwords, specialists suggest the use of password managers such as LastPass. However, such software is also paradoxically locked behind its "main password". This eventually makes them susceptible to most of the problems mentioned above.

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Security without password

The two-factor authentication is perhaps the only widely adopted and fundamentally valid security standard at the moment. By requesting a single-use password (OTP) from an authentication app or text message, the website guarantees that the entity that is trying to gain access is actually Authorized entity to do so. Therefore, even with two-factor authentication, the underlying password infrastructure is still inadequate.

Start Blockchain REMME aims to solve the problem by creating a unique password-free authentication system. Based on cryptography and DLP technology (distributed ledger technology), the solution is designed obsolete, while maintaining the convenience for the average user.

REMME will eventually completely replace passwords on the Internet with SSL / TLS certificates assigned to a user's trusted devices. Hashes containing information about these certificates are generated and recorded on a custom blockchain. This data can not be falsified by third parties due to the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by the system.

The project uses a blockchain to achieve two primary objectives: decentralization and immutability. The former guarantees that the entire network functions without relying on a single entity, while the latter is a safeguard against manipulation.

Migration to the certificate authorization

After a successful initial coin offer (ICO) at the start of this year, REMME has launched an alpha version of its core protocol. The release intended to establish the basic architecture and functionality of the SSL / TLS certificates on its proposed Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain. He also introduced the necessary provisions for the REM token and a command line interface that allowed issuing and revoking certificates.

According to an announcement, a pilot project launched in October 2017 has attracted over 300 global applicants "ranging from small IT companies to fintech companies with over 500 million users and a telecommunications company with 640 million customers." In September 2018, the REMME development team also released the project testnet.

REMME has given people the opportunity to contribute to the integrity of the REMChain platform. Users can nominate themselves to become owners of masternode by setting their own node and blocking 250,000 REM tokens. If suitable, the user is considered an approved masternode. These masternodes monitor the transactions related to the issue and the revocation of the certificate.

In particular, REMME does not intend to interrupt the provision of an alternative authentication system for end users. The company aims to use its PKI and blockchain-hybrid solution to protect the cryptocurrency trade and the internet of connected devices. By providing a robust and automated two-machine authentication solution, REMME aims to protect appliances and even entire cities from attack.

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