Reliable portfolios for storing cryptocurrencies


A person who is about to transfer his savings to a cryptocurrency or wants to start earning a cryptomonet must select a secure virtual wallet. Without such security, the acquisition and use of cryptomonet is impossible. But what to do if the cryptocurrency is not one, but two, three or ten? Here is the answer:

1. For each coin have a separate portfolio.

2. Create a multifunctional portfolio.

You can buy bitcoins at the address: The multifunctional cryptocurrency wallet is the optimal choice, as it allows you to manipulate several coins at the same time. Now you can decide on a portfolio.

What is the best encryption to create?

1. Blockchain: the most famous cryptocell in the world.

The dignity of convenience, everything is clear, accessible and reliable. The creators are always working to improve reliability and ease of use. The number of registered portfolios is fifteen million.

Blockchain Wallet – a virtual cryptographic wallet was created by the Luxembourg team of programmers. There is also a mobile application for added convenience.

The main strengths of the portfolio:

– Integrated security center. It helps to take various measures to protect the wallet from scammers.

– Collaborating with the best cryptobirds allows you to buy and sell coins immediately and easily from your wallet.

2. Exmo: combines cryptobirth and wallet.

One of the biggest exchanges of cryptocurrencies. The trading platform is Russified. Most users use the exchange at the same time and as a wallet. All coins in one place. You can store bitcoins or other altcoins, exchange them, exchange and exchange your usual money.


– Everything is Russified.

– exchange of wallet and cryptocurrency at the same time.

– Orders are executed at the moment.

– referral payments.

– small commission.

– high level security.

– supports 24-hour answers.

This cryptobirth is comfortable, reliable and with a great future. Now the number of its users is more than 1,200,000 people.

3. Incentives – multi-currency cryptocurrency.

This portfolio combines the functionality of the wallet and the payment system. Creation date 2013 year. The portfolio is constantly protected by the blockchain system and other security methods. This includes two-factor authentication and instant message about everything that happens in your account. For example, recharge, withdrawal or exchange.

A cryptocurrency portfolio actually supports a large number of coins. This year there are already more than eighty.

In addition to supporting a large number of cryptocurrencies, Coinpayments can offer:

1. Translation of a cryptomonet to another.

2. Clear design for the comfort of the user.

3. Withdrawals are possible automatically.

Portfolio supports twelve languages. For security, you can configure two-factor authentication. But it is necessary to enable the Vault function, for the long-term preservation of "cold" coins. Commissions are small enough, but they can vary.

4. Coinbase – cryptocurrency portfolio. Its merits are a very convenient payment, the probability of buying directly Bitcoin and selling them. The main opponent of the Blockchain portfolio.

The possibility of free transfer of funds from a balance to the other in the profile itself.


1. Outgoing transfers with low commissions. From this they will not suffer speed and reliability.

2. Work with a variety of payment systems.

Wallet supports nine languages. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language on the site. Works on the stock exchange can be citizens of 32 states.

Registering with Coinbase is easy and does not take long. You will have to fill in:

– Surname and name.

– Email.

– Difficult password.

Subsequently, it is necessary to confirm that the age is more than eighteen years, to confirm the mail from the link in the letter received.

5. Cryptonator – a multi-currency portfolio for storing cryptocurrencies.

Comfortable and easy to use work wallet. Transfers happen fairly quickly. His fame is growing every day.

The main advantages include Russian language support, constant updating to a more recent version with obvious improvements, the probability of exchange between different accounts. There is a mobile application.


– In addition to Bitcoin, most other cryptocurrencies are supported: Lightcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero and others.

– Possibility to create an infinite number of addresses inside the cryptograph.

– The total amount of your funds is shown in a separate line – it's very convenient.

– Possibility to use the converter and the calculator.

– Security at a good level.

– Everything is Russified, even technical support.

We can say that this is one of the best cryptocrocs in Russian.

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