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Relations with the Arab world are closer than ever

The president of the Israeli occupation government Benjamin Netanyahu
Tuesday, relations with Arab countries are now closer than ever
He went on.

Netanyahu said during the ceremony of delivery of the army chief of staff from
Gazi Eisenkot for General Aviv Kochavi, we have transformed "Israel into a global power
And you – Eisenkot – I witnessed it during your meetings with the chiefs of staff of the armies
Arabic, "adding this" I saw how you hugged and even filmed
That, "as he said.

Netanyahu stressed that the relations between Tel Aviv and the world
The Arab world is now solidly consolidated, explaining that "thanks to our intelligence capabilities
Operational and technological, our relations with the Arab world are strengthened more than ever,
There are prominent Islamic countries that come close to us and realize that we are not their enemies, but necessary support
She ".

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