Red Pulse: Rise of the Phoenix (PHX)



From the ashes of the bear market that includes the cryptoversa, a powerful altcoin rises to meet the needs of a new economy. Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) has grown by more than twenty percent over the last day and does not seem to be ready to stop.

Phoenix (PHX) is the new token traded from the original Red Pulse currency (RPX) in August. Having successfully passed the transition to an improved infrastructure, this alternative currency is flying high alongside its investors as the volume rises alongside the company's valuation.

But the story behind Phoenix (PHX) begins in October 2017, when an exciting ICO gained ground thanks to the original token brand, Red Pulse (RPX).

Research on the Blockchain

Red Pulse (RPX) was born as an intelligent contract ecosystem built on the NEO blockchain. The motivation behind the team's efforts included a desire to bridge the knowledge gap that hindered global participation in Chinese industry. China, of course, has the second largest economy in the world, but remains difficult to understand for investors living outside the borders of this huge country.

The accuracy and transparency of information about Chinese industry are lacking, to say the least. An information overload and an ecosystem of damaged search content have led Red Pulse (RPX) to find a blockchain solution. Using their native cryptocurrency for transactions and blockchains for a publicly verifiable ledger, the new Red Pulse research content ecosystem was born.

The success of the company has now allowed the Red Pulse team to innovate a new infrastructure suite. The rise of the gig's economy and stringent regulatory requirements have inspired the team to add a variety of new elements to their original infrastructure. The updated currency has been renamed along with their open search platform, and Phoenix (PHX) was born.

Phoenix (PHX) is a revolutionary cloud-based solution for the cumbersome and manual nature of the expert network business model. The Phoenix network connects consumers and research producers with machine learning, language processing and blockchain technology.

Technical specifications

The Phoenix (PHX) network is implemented using & # 39; Proof of Creation & # 39 ;. The sent content invokes a hash function on the NEO blockchain, converting the content into a hash script. This unique script is stored and registered as a non-fungible digital resource, demonstrating the creation and existence.

The "Proof of ownership" is also used, which allows the transfer of ownership while maintaining the immutable data attributed to the original creator.

Regulatory compliance, IP protection and accountability are all significantly improved in the new Phoenix (PHX) research ecosystem. Phoenix provides an immutable record of specific information requests, comparing new and existing hashes, and associating a distinct portfolio address to each element in the chain. PHX has emerged from the correct execution of the original Red Pulse smart contract (RPX).

From the ashes to the sky

The Red Pulse Phoenix token (PHX) can be found on Binance and is currently leading the group in today's market gainer section. As the currency market prepares for an increase in its own, the first leaders like Phoenix (PHX) are ready to take a significant share of the new participation by entering cryptoverse.

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