Red Hat Eyes Blockchain for monitoring when customers use the cloud

Cloud computing giant Red Hat could look into a blockchain-based system to track software usage.

New marketing models to sell software on a cloud platform require new methods of tracking usage and a blockchain may be able to efficiently track and archive this information, based on a patent application released on Thursday last by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The dossier outlines how a blockchain tracks transactions on a given platform, where each transaction represents an instance of a customer who uses the company's products.

As the application explains, "software products have often been granted on an annual basis, the commission is paid and the fee allows the use of the software product for a year."

However, it is software products are likely to be licensed based on time or usage count. As a result, "commissions are therefore based on a number of uses of a software product and / or on a total period of time in which the software product has been used, over a given period of time".

Application continues:

"The examples record, in a blockchain, a billing rule transaction that identifies the usage rules for one or more types of software instances over a period of time. identifying software instances that have been authorized blocks in the blockchain, for practical purposes, can not be subsequently modified until a sufficiently robust consent method is used to create the blocks, the blockchain accurately records both the true software and the use of the blockchain. # 39; instance and the rules on which the use occurred. "

This type of system could help sellers monitor usage on different networks without requiring the customer to create new infrastructure to allow tracking, saving time and money on interested parties.

Red Hat image through JPstock / Shutterstock

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