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Reasons to invest in Electroneum in 2019


The 2018 was quite a roller coaster for the crypto space. The coins went up and down more times than anyone could have imagined, let alone two massive market incidents. However, in a few weeks, the year will end and a new positive period for the cryptic world is expected.

While there are many predictions for 2019, today we are only interested in one thing: Electroneum (ETN). A lot of people have quickly noticed this coin, and many believe it is among the coins of the future. In fact, it has received a lot of attention, and many are interested in why it is so, and why investing in it is a good idea. Let's take a look at some reasons why you should invest in ETN in 2019.

1) It's fast

The speed and accuracy of any service have always been very important to people. This importance is even greater when it depends on a profit. The developers of Electroneum were aware of this when they created it and the coin is up to 5 times faster than Bitcoin. This means that ETN transactions can be confirmed much faster, which in turn reduces expenses and waiting times.

In addition, there are also plans to create Electroneum Virtual Banking, which will allow the project to act as an exchange. However, even more important is that this feature will make ETN transactions almost instantaneous when it finally arrives.

2) KYC compliance

This is an unusual period for cryptocurrencies. They have grown enough so that the governments of the world can no longer ignore them. However, most of them are seen as a liability due to the fact that they are uncertain and can not be controlled. This is why the authorities accept any sign of conformity as a step in the right direction and ETN has taken several steps of this kind.

Thanks to the fact that ETN is KYC-compliant, it is more legitimate than many other projects, at least in the eyes of the authorities. In addition, the regulations will probably tighten over time because of all the scams and frauds that have grown to become an important part of the cryptic world. For this reason, ETN will become one of the few coins that will have the advantage.

3) mobile mining

Electroneum has made many excellent choices in its development, but the decision to go to the smartphone industry could be the best. Everyone knows how massive the smartphone industry is these days. In terms of numbers, there are over 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, with this number constantly increasing.

People like being able to do things via their phone, which is why ETN has become very popular very quickly. It has become a coin that is easy to get and understand and even easier to manage with an easy-to-find app on the Google Play Store.

4) It is accessible and easy to use

The Electroneum app is among the easiest-to-use interfaces when it comes to interaction with a blockchain. The app also allows you to extract, send and receive coins, check your wallet balance and even load wallet coins offline. Everything is point-and-click, and has been tried and tested by numerous large exchanges, which is also one of the reasons why it has become so popular with everyone.

This ease of use will be a positive change for experienced investors, but also an excellent way for newcomers to be invested in the cryptic world.

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