Razer's Gamma-powered SoftMiner will use PC downtime for mining blockchain


Gamma has announced a strategic deal with Razer in which it powers Razer SoftMiner, a blockchain app that allows players to use their computer idle time to extract cryptocurrency. In return, players can get prizes.

From Razer it means that Gamma technology could reach the Razer audience of 50 million registered players. Razer is both a partner and an investor in Gamma.

Powered by Gamma's GammaNow calculation engine, SoftMiner allows players to use the computing power of their PCs to get prizes. Once installed and launched, SoftMiner runs silently in the
background to solve complex blockchain enigmas using the idle processing power of the GPU.

"More and more our original vision has been created from the blockchain world and the game is gathering naturally," said Gabriel Schillinger, CEO of Gamma, in a statement. "We are thrilled to have Min-Liang and Razer as an investor in Gamma and a partner with the launch of SoftMiner SoftMiner is the best way for members of the Razer community to contribute with their calculation when they are not in use and get fantastic rewards in exchange. "

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Users get Razer's virtual currency, Razer Silver, as a reward, depending on the amount of time that SoftMiner has been run and the processing power of their PCs.

Razer Silver can be redeemed for a variety of prizes in both gaming and real life, ranging from Razer Store discounts, product offerings, Razer swag and more.

I asked Schillinger if the collapse of the cryptocurrency market has damaged the proceeds that players can get from the mining industry. He said in an email, "There are still earnings to be made on crypto mining (closer to $ 10- $ 12 months), but it is not the same as this time last year. Distributed will result from other use cases such as rendering computer-generated images (CGI) and AI processing / automatic learning.These use cases provide a more stable return than the activity mining. "

Combined with the return of pay-to-play on Razer Cortex and the newly redesigned Razer Gold and Silver rewards scheme, Razer now offers a player-centric ecosystem that offers acceleration
rewards players to simply do what they love: play.

Above: Gabriel Schillinger, CEO of Gamma.

"Players have some of the most powerful home PC sets in the world," said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, in a statement. "Instead of letting that all of this power go to waste, we're working with Gamma to make sure that our PC works for us even when we're off the keyboard – the best thing is that it does not require extra work: just download and run SoftMiner and watch the Razer Silver enter. "

Gamma was founded in July 2017 and launched its technology in February 2018. It has a global user base of users who contribute daily to thousands of hours of processing.

The company's investors include Sparklabs Global Ventures, founder of Unity David Helgason, co-founder of Zynga Mark Pincus, creator of Google Maps Lars Rasmussen, GC Tracker Fund, co-founder of Red Octane Kai Huang, Gree Japan, Akatsuki, venture capitalist Bill Tai, Dennis Fong, Hong
Kong Esports, iDreamSky, Hersh Interactive and Razer & Z; s ZVentures.

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