Rational Surgical Solutions collaborates with Blockdrive to add Blockchain technology to the patient training platform with Rati-Fi® informed consent


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, January 7, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Rational Surgical Solutions is pleased to announce that it is the first company in the field of health information technologies to offer a Blockchain process for confirming informed consent for surgical or medical interventions. In the last year, the application of Blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector has recorded significant traction and approval, as "Blockchain technology (…) has the potential to save billions of dollars by optimizing current workflows and disintermediating some high-cost gatekeepers ". ("Blockchain Technology in Global Healthcare, 2017-2025," Frost & Sullivan, June 2017.)

Ensure truly informed consent. (PRNewsfoto / Rational Surgical Solutions, LLC)

"I was fascinated by the potential of Blockchain technology in health information technology," says Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, CEO and founder of Rational Surgical Solutions. "There's a huge pressure on healthcare institutions of all sizes to improve security, reduce costs and increase transaction performance, particularly with regard to patient data, while offering a # 39; exceptional patient experience. " Blockdrive technology from Blockdrive was the next logical addition to our Rati-Fi platform. "

Blockdrive is a private blockchain platform hosted in the cloud that stores data using advanced cryptography. Transaction records can not be changed in any way and data can not be compromised. The backup data is immediately available in case of data corruption and service interruption.

"Rational Surgical Solutions is a known leader in the mHealth space for patient education, risk mitigation and clinical efficiency," notes Harry Curtin, CEO of Blockdrive. "The addition of the Blockchain capability to their Rati-Fi platform is one of the best use cases for this technology in the healthcare industry we've seen so far."

Rati-Fi and Blockdrive will participate together with HIMSS19, Booth 9000-123 Innovation Live.

About Rational Surgical Solutions:
Rati-Fi® it is the only mHealth technology platform that combines both patient education and informed consent – improve the whole care experience from the beginning to the end.

Rational Surgical Solutions is a private company and has been developing software since 2015. Innovative and customer-focused, RSS has a reputation for superior software and services. Developed by doctors who saw the need for greater efficiency and better communication, Rati-Fi® the system can help you mitigate risks, increase revenue and improve patient outcomes.

Further information on Rati-Fi is available at https://rati-fi.com

More information on Blockdrive is available at https://www.blockdrive.com

CONTACT: Kevin Neal, 855-350-5583 est. 705

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