Ralf Rangnick reveals his plans for the future in a brace


Despite his 62 years, Ralf Rangnick is apparently not a bit tired. The longtime coach and sporting director of RB Leipzig is planning his comeback and has definite ideas for it. What are they, revealed in CHECK24 double pass to SPORT1.

He does not completely rule out working as a national team coach. “In principle, the position of national coach is not an office in which no German coach is interested”, explained Rangnick, but he specified: “At the moment the question does not arise because we have a national team manager who has also become world champion in 2014 “.

Rangnick dislikes the discussion of Löw’s succession

Rangnick does not like the eternal discussions about a possible successor of Löw. “Also it’s not fair to keep talking about it. It’s a bad habit, it always bothered me when I was a coach myself.” If the question arises for Rangnick at some point, the right timing is also important.

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A few months ago Rangnick was on the verge of a commitment to Milan, if he became the new strongman there. But nothing came of it that had to do with the crown crisis, because after that Milan suddenly played great. “The club have won nine out of twelve games and drawn three. It wouldn’t have been understandable if there had been a change,” Rangnick explained.

Rangnick doesn’t want to rule out anything

He himself has always been more successful in a double function. “The stations in Hoffenheim and Leipzig have shown that I always get the most out of my time as a coach and sporting director. And you can see that this is possible in other countries,” said Rangnick, referring to England, among other things.

In Leipzig he worked as a sporting director from 2012 to 2019 and also as a coach in the 15/16 and 18/19 seasons. But he doesn’t want to rule out anything for the future. “I can practically imagine anything, sports director, coach or both.”

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