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Raise your hand: the policemen aim the weapon on the child? – Not exactly

Updated 21 January 2019, at 21:30

On the Internet, video recordings of the United States are making the rounds, showing a child standing there with his hands up and armed. The police station concerned solved the incident now.

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Curious shots from the United States: a three-year-old girl climbs from a truck on January 17 with her hands up and surrenders to the police in Tallahassee (capital of the US state of Florida).

A passerby following the police operation at close range records the incident on the video.

What do you see? The armed police change cars and asks the prisoners to go out with their hands up. Reason: it is said that the girl's father stole a shop with a gun.

The police publish their video

Because in the passers-by-video it is difficult to see how the father initially left the car and the police presumably their weapons directed at the interruptions of three years in the episode, a storm of indignation.

The police station solved the incident only the next day, released his video on January 18 and attached it to the video of the eyewitness.

Police images show the girl's father coming out of the car and then the child who imitates his father and raises his arms in the air.

The Americans thank the police

Instead of aiming at the girl, the police lovingly take care of the child and give it to their mother's care. This was also initially suspected for shoplifting, as Department Head Michael DeLeo explained in the video.

People thank the police on social media to clarify the incident. A woman writes: "Thank you for showing the other side of the story, now we know the truth!"

By the way: in the family truck the police found a pneumatic gun. The father and another suspect were reported for shoplifting.

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