Rafael Correa denounces the investigation against him in Ecuador | news


The former Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, denounced a notification from the Prosecutor’s Office on his Twitter account this Monday, where he is summoned to appear in a virtual hearing for an alleged “murder” case in Ecuador.


Rafael Correa says he will not ask for forgiveness for corruption cases

Correa said in the same tweet that “there are already 34 trials” open against him. In said published notice, it is also reported that Correa was called to appear in court on October 27 through a virtual hearing of Zoom.

He said they “don’t learn from Bolivia”, referring to the lawsuits that have been started in this country against former president Evo Morales and other officials of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), referring to the confrontation of their trial with the one open to the leader Bolivian.

The National Court of Justice asked Interpol this October 9 to arrest Rafael Correa. Rafael Correa is sentenced to eight years in prison for instigating the crime of corruption in the so-called “Corruption Case”.

Last April, a court sentenced Correa to eight years in prison and 25 years of political disqualification, for his alleged participation in the crime of corruption, a sentence ratified in the second instance in July.

For Correa, this meant being out of the game for the 2021 elections, in which the former president aspired to return to the forefront as a candidate for vice president.

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