Qovar Coin ICO (Token QC): decentralized blockpoint Cryptocurrency?

What is Qovar?

The currency of Qovar is a decentralized cryptocurrency, created on the basis of the concept of game testing. This platform is safe to use and offers great security for privacy and security of investor finances. Qovar offers its users to profit from mining using the P-o-S protocol. The profits are usually 10% per year together with the commissions earned from the transactions confirmed by the investor's portfolio.

For investors earning from mining, they must register a web wallet, buy the coins and then transfer them to the wallet portfolio (19659003) According to their website Qovar believes that Crypto, being a decentralized platform, performs smart contracts and applications that work like programmed systems. This prevents the possibility of fraud, censorship or interference from third parties. The use of the blockchain system by this coin makes it safe, as the ledger is usually distributed among all the nodes that make up the system.

Qovar Decentrable Blockchain Cryptocurrency Functionality

Quick transactions

with this platform, it is not necessary to wait for a long time. Qovar can be sent anywhere and will be confirmed in a few seconds.

Energy Efficiency

The Qovar coin uses the stake protocol test and this consumes a small amount of energy compared to that used to extract using the test of

Wallets Are Secure

Qovar has a variety of portfolios that help investors protect their private keys on various operating systems.

Lightning Network

There is an implementation of the lighting network, which allows atomic exchanges between the supported cryptocurrencies and Qovar.

Eco-friendly Staking

This platform implements an innovative algorithm that encourages ownership and activity. The algorithm is able to solve problems in traditional PoS and PoW algorithms. It also eliminates the wasteful electricity consumption for the mining industry.

Qovar Coin QC Token ICO Details

Parameters of ICO

  • Token Symbol: QC
  • Token Sale Date: Present – TBA
  • Token Price: $ 0.99 USD
  • Method of payment accepted: BTC, DASH, ETH, XRP, LTC
  • Total supply: 18 million

Conclusion Qovar

The digital economy is expanding with time and will soon be the real economy. At the beginning we only had Bitcoin, but many other ICOs followed the Qovar currency. With this, investors will need to invest where they are sure their investments are safe and for this reason they should consider investing in the Qovar currency.

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