Qatar 2022 qualifiers: calendar for Colombia in 2021, where to recover lost points against Ecuador and Uruguay | Selection of Colombia


The Colombian national team experiences the duel of humiliation suffered against Ecuador (6-1) and against Uruguay (0-3) in the qualifying round for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

These are difficult days for the players, who right now return to their clubs with the weight of a bad presentation and the frustration of finishing this tough 2020 so far from qualifying for the World Cup.

Losing two games in a row in such a tight tournament is decisive and the test is seventh in the standings (4 points). But now, with the pain of lost stitches, we need to review where they can be recovered and try to save something, now that it’s still possible.

There are four months to go until the first date, between 25 and 30 March 2021, against Brazil, in Barranquilla, and Paraguay, in Asunción. He is the leader of the draw, who in these last two outings, without Neymar, has totaled 6 points and completed 12, as well as holder of the fourth direct share, with 6 units.

And then the panorama does not improve, because between 3 and 8 June, for the seventh and eighth dates, you have to visit Peru (ninth) and receive Argentina (10 points).

Between 2 and 7 September, the turning point will be for Bolivia (tenth), at the height of La Paz, and for Chile (sixth), as a local.

For 7 and 12 October the challenges will be Uruguay (fifth, 6 points) in Montevideo and the rematch against Ecuador (third, 9 points) in Barranquilla.

Bolivia (visitor) and Chile (local) will be rivals between 2 and 7 September. Uruguay (visitor) and Ecuador (local) will be the obstacles between 7 and 12 October.

And exactly one year from now, the rivals will once again be Brazil, now far away, and Paraguay, in Barranquilla, in November.

The duels against Peru and Bolivia in Barranquilla and Argentina and Venezuela will remain for 2022, eventually, as a visitor.


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