Pundi X's Blockchain phone goes beyond encryption


LAS VEGAS-Blockchains is not just for currency speculators. Here at CES, we had a first look at the Pundi X XPhone, an Android-based phone that uses a blockchain technology to make encrypted calls and send messages.

CES 2019 Bug ArtThe device we saw was a prototype and Pundi X would not talk much about the specifications. It was big, but beautiful, with unusual squared corners. The phone will not be released until the third quarter of the year, and the hardware specifications may still be updated, said Marcus Leblanc, who served as global support manager at Pundi X.

The point here is the software. The phone can run in normal Android mode, but scroll to the side and you are in "Blockchain Mode", which uses the Pundi X distributed ledger to make calls and encrypted end-to-end messages on other XPhones. The individual blockchains of the devices do not contain the entire register; rather, the phones act as nodes on the network and require other information from other reliable nodes.

Pundi X XPhone

Pundi X's blockchain-based network creates an encrypted Internet mini-internet, Leblanc explained. phones are located by using the addresses stored in their blockchains. Then, you can make voice over IP calls or access public content stored on other Xphone devices using a proprietary protocol fxtp: //.

"Everyone has their unique handle on the chain," said Leblanc.

It's all very, very arcane. One of the objectives here seems to be a proof of concept, of how the very sparkling "blockchain" can be used in ways other than currency speculation, which has given the idea of ​​a bad name.

Beyond that, XPhone is trying to show how to use a mobile communications network without having to rely on a central switching system for addressing and routing, a truly encrypted peer-to-peer network that frees the communicators from having to pass through the carriers "centralized switching systems.

"The ROM we have available can be left on any Android device, and that's our goal," said Leblanc. "We hope that the biggest producers will collect it".

Pundi X has more details on your phone in this Middle post.

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