Pteria DAO presents the PTERIA token


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in general have been one of the best innovations of the decade, but they are still little used around the world. However, the adoption of cryptocurrencies could grow once it reaches very popular niches such as gaming. For this reason, we need the in-game currency, which is tokens created to be used in the most popular games. And here comes Pteria DAO with its governance token, known precisely as PTERIA.

What is the PTERIA token

The PTERIA token is the Pteria DAO governance token and was created to be distributed to third parties. DAOs, therefore token holders, have the right to make proposals or vote for proposals already published. A great example is a collaboration between Pteria DAO and the Wallem app, a Pokemon GO-like game in which users can walk around collecting tokens and maybe even win cash prizes (branded accessories, discount coupons, and so on). Wallem was sponsored by PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber in the world with 107 million subscribers.

But Wallem is only the first game to use the PTERIA token. DAO is already working on other deals to bring many more games to the cryptocurrency industry and to continuously increase interest in PTERIA. Each time Pteria DAO signs an agreement with a new APP, the DAO donates different tokens to that APP which will be used in the game and then burnt. Once the tokens are finished, the App in question will have to buy more tokens on the exchanges creating a continuous demand and valuing the token accordingly.

NFT, stakeout and BURN

Pteria is a real market shift in terms of structure, especially with regards to NFTs. The first two series represent PewDiePie (2 of 6 NFTs already sold at 60 ETH each) and Pug Dog (100 for sale, 85 still available), two SKINs available in the Wallem game. Obviously, in the future, other NFTs will be created that will represent other Wallem SKINs or NFTs for the next Pteria DAO partners. What’s great is that the income from these NFTs has so far been used to buy PTERIA tokens from Uniswap and then burn them, decreasing Pteria’s total supply.

The Burn, however, comes not only from NFT proceeds but also from all tokens donated to applications that make deals with Pteria DAO. To make an estimate, in the first week after the official launch, Pteria DAO has already burned more than 70,000 tokens (worth over $ 140,000). To keep track of burns, simply log into where there is a file direct link to the burn address (at the moment the burning address is one of the top 10 token holders)

Mentions of Pteria

Despite being a brand new project, Pteria has captured the interest of many influencers, being mentioned by famous cryptocurrency sites such as,,,, and many others.

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