PS5 is the focus of incredibly good news for all gamers around the world, and we’re talking about something that is sure to delight many people because it comes at a time when everyone has been waiting for information on the performance it offers.

PS5 shows up in the video above in a very interesting comparison with the XBOX Series X, and the performance offered by the Sony console is really impressive, although at first you will see that the new console from Microsoft seems to be with a slight advantage.

PS5 offers better performance than XBOX Series X when it comes to activating the high framerate mode, here the Sony console has a rather big advantage over the Microsoft product, which shows us that everyone who chooses it will have an experience expectations.

PS5 however, it has a rather small advantage over the XBOX Series X, which is not necessarily a surprise since these are two state-of-the-art consoles that also have very powerful hardware, so it is expected that the differences will not be colossal between them, this is also the case with other launches.

PS5 however, it shows us that it can smoothly run the newest and most interesting games that are available on the market, which matters more to customers who will buy it and who expect performance well beyond expectations, so the news is very good. this point.

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