"Provision of rental accommodation such as apartments"… Kim Hyun-mi who visited the site (2020.11.22 / News Desk / MBC) -MBCNEWS

  1. “Providing rental accommodation as apartments” … Kim Hyun-mi visits the website (2020.11.22 / News Desk / MBC)MBCNEWS
  2. Kim Hyun-mi “Public housing develops in line with the public eye … Even if you have many children, you can live.”Dong-A Ilbo
  3. “Standing 155 times, only 50 times in 3 years” … The public lease should be doubledHankyoreh
  4. LH establishes a dedicated organization to support the policies of all generationsChosun Biz
  5. Private collections pouring in as a countermeasure against November 19th … Can I win?Hankook Ilbo
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