Proven technology VC and GPs launch a decentralized health data market based on Blockchain and AI technology


Vancouver, British Columbia – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Blockchain technology company Verida joins forces with CareProtocol to launch IKIGAI Network, a decentralized OpenHealth ecosystem.

The IKIGAI network is leading the way for the OpenHealth movement by building the world’s first global decentralized healthcare ecosystem built on the principles of open data and open source development. This new health care information infrastructure will allow anyone to synchronize health data with a network of doctors, individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions. With a more accessible, efficient and intelligent health information management system not put to rest by any institution, IKIGAI will enable a thriving ecosystem for patients and doctors around the world.

Unlocking personal health data enables patients to benefit from their health data in new and innovative ways and provides timely access to data for better clinical outcomes. Artificial intelligence will be leveraged to consensually execute individuals’ health data to deliver proactive, hyper-personalized health recommendations and unlock large real-time health data sets for medical researchers.

Verida is a software company driving the development of self-sovereign data technologies for individuals and businesses, founded by Chris Were, former CEO and co-founder of Australian technology company Community Data Solutions. With over 20 years of experience in software solutions, Chris started Verida as a research project in 2018, with a mission to help people own and control their data. “We have created an open source library that allows you to build decentralized applications where users can own, control and store their data using private encryption keys,” says Were.

CareProtocol is an AI-powered health start-up founded by two doctors, Dr. Roger Ng and Dr. Ray Ng, who have over 20 years of cumulative hands-on experience, and two proven tech entrepreneurs and investors, Marc van der Chijs and Sean Clark. Dr. Ray Ng believes that “the joint partnership is a natural choice for these two organizations to join forces to launch IKIGAI, as both teams share the goal of improving the state of health care by empowering doctors and patients.”

According to Sean Clark, CEO of IKIGAI, “the healthcare industry is the largest economic sector in developed economies, accounting for nearly $ 4 trillion in the United States alone. With the emergence of COVID-19 driving the growth of telemedicine services, the rise of decentralized currencies, and a growing distrust of centralized systems amid a global pandemic, the time is right for decentralized healthcare. ”

IKIGAI network members will be able to access a wide range of OpenHealth services built on an open source framework that provides the world’s first decentralized App Store (dApp Store) for healthcare. Available dApps at launch will include Verida’s HealthOS by Care Protocol, Decentralized EMR and COVID19 Credentials, and IKIGAI Vault, which enriches the healthcare experience by allowing patients to consensually own, control and share their personal health data with experts around the world. For early access to IKIGAI, visit

Information about the IKIGAI network

IKIGAI Network is an incentivized OpenHealth ecosystem that enables a global shared collection of managed and individually owned medical information. IKIGAI’s decentralized framework allows you to encrypt personalized health information on any device, anywhere in the world in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner under full patient ownership, unlocking new use cases and value propositions.

About CareProtocol

CareProtocol (formerly Nth Opinion Technologies) is an AI health technology start-up founded in 2018 by two doctors. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team created AskCo19, an end-to-end AI solution with a multimodal system based on real-time results to assist frontline clinicians. CareProtocol is developing a new HealthOS (Healthcare Operating System) equipped with a full suite of tools that provide every practitioner with a virtual clinic, an AI-based clinical assistant, a secure telemedicine application, a payment solution and a system of electronic health records based on blockchain that allows patients to own their data.

About Verida

Verida started as a research project in 2018, with the mission of helping people own and control their data. The team creates an architecture for decentralized data ownership and control by combining the best of traditional database technologies and decentralized identity standards. This work led to the release of the Verida testnet in 2020, providing an open source library for developers to easily build interoperable self-sovereign dApps where users own, control and store their data using private encryption keys anchored to the public blockchain.

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