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Protests in Caracas after a brief revolt by the military group against Maduro

"We are with them, if they join our country we are with them, we will be in the streets … Freedom!" A woman shouted in front of the journalists in Cotiza.

After learning of the fact through the videos that the uniforms posted on social networks, the inhabitants of that sector have blown up the pots and blocked a street with the trash and an abandoned vehicle that they set on fire.

"We want Maduro to leave, we're tired!" A man shot after a skirmish with riot agents sent to the area to disperse the protest.

The demonstrators reported that the soldiers launched tear gas bombs.

"Five children where I live were taken to the hospital because they were suffocating (with gas) We have a year without water, we want a better Venezuela, our children (who have emigrated) come back", said a woman.

The NGO Espacio Público, which defends freedom of expression, denounced that the press groups that covered the uprising were momentarily held by the National Guard in Cotiza. "They forced them to cancel the material they did for events in the sector," he said on Twitter.

The organization also claimed to have received complaints about a "block" of social networks like Twitter and Instagram during incidents.

Assuring that after a "skirmish" they were "forced to surrender", the president of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, declared that the revolt of the 27 troops was aimed at "creating anxiety" and "generating discomfort".

"We've had people verified throughout Venezuela and there's no answer, or something like that," Cabello said at a press conference.

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