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Prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez answered the column by Daniel Coronell – Cortes – Justicia

The Attorney General Néstor Humberto Martinez declared on Sunday that "it is not true that there is a fragment lost in the audio that the entity has sent to the Supreme Court of Justice in the field of the. investigation against the former anti-corruption Luis Gustavo Moreno.

The statements are given in response a column by journalist Daniel Coronell, published in the journal Semana, in which he refers to an audio in which the lawyer Leonardo Pinilla, an associate of Moreno, quotes the attorney Martínez.

According to Coronell, the audio fragment delivered by the United States to the Prosecutor's Office for referral to the Supreme Court of Justice did not reach that court. The journalist said that the prosecutor "did not send them (the registrations) to the Supreme Court of Justice, which elaborates the politicians involved, nor to the Debt Commission, which prosecutes magistrates and has jurisdiction on its own behalf Prosecutor General ".

Martinez said that he will request the correction in a public way, since he sent the audio to the Supreme Court.

"On August 15, 2017, we received some recordings from the US government in the case of the former District Attorney Moreno, who made 13 audio files with their transliterations to be sent to the Supreme Court of Justice, immediately because they were people who did not they could be investigated by the prosecutor for constitutional jurisdiction, "the prosecutor said.

He added that in the archives "included what was referred to the Attorney General of the Nation and was sent (…) both to the transcription and to the audioin this way the journalist Daniel Coronell is deficient in the truth when in his two writings of the magazine Semana he affirms that there is a fragment lost initially in the transliterations and today he also says it in the lost audio ".

According to him, both elements (audio and transcription) were sent with "maximum cleanliness". "Then we must ask who is the one who is misinforming the country and for what purpose, so tomorrow I will publicly ask for the rectification of the columns of Mr. Daniel Coronell".

L & # 39; Audio

The recordings cited by journalist Daniel Coronell have been described by him as "one of the best kept secrets" of the Attorney General's Office.

According to the column, it would be the lawyer Leonardo Pinilla to quote Néstor Humberto Martínez, in a conversation with the former governor of Córdoba Alejandro Lyons.

"I hear you with Néstor Humberto (Humberto?) For lunch I took him to Luis Alfredo, he made us sit for breakfast, he told me, he said, look, there is a complex problem because of your argument, because he fucks with the Cor, the Penal Cove is the key to that man, that is, the green light that Luis Alfredo and me gave me, was talking to Rodrigo Noguera, "says Pinilla in the audio.


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