Project xCloud arrives in Brazil this month


Registration is now open for Project xCloud

One day after the worldwide launch of Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft surprised everyone with the announcement of Project xCloud in Brazil in November. The project, which is in the preview phase, started last year and has been a success with players.

“A little over a year ago, we began the preview journey for Project xCloud, which gave our global community the opportunity to play Xbox games directly from the cloud. And it’s amazing to see how this project has continued to evolve, always with the help and support of our fans. “

Catherine Gluckstein, product and strategy manager for the xCloud project

The program will arrive in Brazil next Wednesday, November 18. Since it is in the preview phase, it will be used to test, interact and collect feedback from players. Next year, the program will be part of the Game Pass Ultimate, according to xCloud’s head of product and strategy, Chaterine Gluckstein.

Cloud games give freedom to the player. Project xCloud will allow players to play their favorite titles where and when they want, via their Android smartphones. While previewing xCloud, players will have access to a free library with different games.

Join us in the preview as we test and learn more from Brazil, Australia, Japan and Mexico. During this preview, you’ll have access to a free library curated by great games, including Xbox Game Studios favorites, such as Minecraft Dungeons, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and “Forza Horizon 4”, plus some great content from our partners, such as Black desert, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is Yakuza 0.

Catherine Gluckstein, product and strategy manager for the xCloud project

The xCloud Preview project is supported by Android phones and tablets via the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app on the Google Play Store. It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

You can now register for the program by clicking here. When you sign up, you just have to hope to be invited and keep an eye on your registration email on November 18th.

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