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Faculty of Medicine of the Hacettepe University, Head of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Dr Mehmet Ceyhan said the use of aspirin as a blood thinner by people who have not been diagnosed with the coronavirus can lead to death.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet CeyhanThere are no data on the risk of aspirin use in coronavirus; but he called attention to a different situation.

Prof. Dr. Ceyhan, “We know that people who take aspirin for a long time have a higher risk of getting a disease if they have the flu, a disease called ‘reye syndrome’. Unfortunately it is a disease that kills 100% after reaching a certain period and has no cure.. It was always thought to be seen in children; but in recent years, publications among adults have increased. We now know that it also appears in adults. There are some groups of diseases that take aspirin for a long time, we tell them they should definitely be vaccinated against the flu and are in the risk group. She said.

Claiming that aspirin taken during the flu increases the risk of illness. Dr. Ceyhan said:

  • “If someone who has the flu takes aspirin, the risk of this disease increases by 35 times; it is a very serious picture with liver failure, swelling in the brain and there is still no cure. The mortality rate is around. hundred percent. If Kovid-19 is diagnosed, there is no serious harm in taking aspirin.. However, by giving people aspirin as a prophylaxis or a person who has just had a fever, they cannot get tested because it is the only symptom, people use aspirin as a blood thinner saying “I am the coronavirus”. Now the flu season has started, it could be the flu, can’t tell.
  • Then there is a serious risk. If a person takes aspirin as a prophylaxis or because they have a fever right now, this invites the disease I mentioned. Therefore, it is inconvenient for a person to use aspirin as an anticoagulant unless a test is performed and a coronavirus diagnosis is made. “

Prof. Dr. Ceyhan, ‘Reye’s syndrome’ Noting that they haven’t used aspirin in a long time due to its risk, “We haven’t used aspirin as an antipyretic in a long time due to the risk I mentioned. Even though coronavirus is diagnosed as an anticoagulant in children, we don’t use aspirin, we use other blood thinners.. Even people close to me use aspirin randomly with the thought that it will protect against coronavirus, this is a very risky situation. Without anything, many people use low doses of baby aspirin with the thought that it will protect against coronavirus, this is wrong around this time. I speak.


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