Problems with the iPhone 12 Mini touchscreen have been reported


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Significant number of new ones iPhone 12 Mini the owner found out immediately after receiving their smartphone lock screen sensitivity started reporting problems. Many related topics on MacRumors and Reddit complaint available.

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The source of the problem is still unclear

One defect According to most users who meet it, when you swipe up from the bottom to unlock the device, the screen is always does not answer. The luckiest ones only emit at the bottom of the screen to the torch or camera They notice when they click on their icons. Some of the users your screen why he didn’t answer, conductivity or land thinks they might have problems. The reason for this prediction is, in some cases, the smartphone connected when connected to a wired charger or metal case frames when touched information that the defect has disappeared.

However, your flaw source There is still no consensus on the issue. Gifted not relevant e Software It is also thought to be a problem. Again the problem is alone Appleof an to update can be fixed by posting. If we remind you, iPhone 12 Mini, October 13It was announced with iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. In the current Apple lineup the smallest in the location of the smartphone.


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