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Privacy of Blockchain and Crypto Asset for Smart Contracts

Glyff ICO (Token GLY): Blockchain and Crypto Asset Privacy for Smart Contracts

GLYFF it is a decentralized digital platform whose purpose is to provide intelligent contracts for the protection of privacy and transfers of value.

This is done using zero knowledge encryption. The platform protects identity, private data and business intelligence. This translates into a safer future for companies and individuals.

The platform is designed to solve the inability to adapt to the demands and volumes of the company and the level of transparency required by companies at all levels. All these problems are proposed to be dealt with in one consolidated, easily programmable system.

Blockchain will therefore not only be considered a holistic solution to minimize fraud, protect people and constantly increase efficiency and effectiveness, but also as used in effective business areas.

Glyff's privacy property

The platform exploits the cryptographic technology called "Zero-Knowledge Succinto Non-interactive knowledge topic" (zk-SNARK), which allows the verification of an intelligent contract without revealing the data contained in it.

With this, the calculation is made verifiable and the information immutably recorded on the blockchain without exposure to third parties. To guarantee the integrity of operations, a "proof of correctness of zero knowledge" is published and verified by the consent nodes.

Another way to guarantee privacy is the ability to make private data shared within and between relevant organizations and not other people. In case of need for arbitration, the posterity of the blockchain data makes possible the precise details of each intelligent contract visible to any authority elected by the parties.


The Ethereum smart contract used in the platform is used in Solidity and is inspired by JavaScript. On the other hand, technologies like NEO offer languages ​​like Java and C # for programmers to work with.

This takes advantage of existing IT skills. The platform further extends the Solidity contract through a high-level domain-specific language (DSL) designed keeping in mind the ease of use.

Positioning and strategy

The platform is designed to serve all sectors in which the confidentiality of customer data is of great importance.

The platform enables these organizations to design applications that will improve operations while safeguarding sensitive data as a standard. It will be of great benefit to users, as it will significantly reduce costs and perform quickly.

Financial services

The platform prevents the disclosure of both transactions carried out and any identifiable information about the persons who make transactions.

The platform also provides a favorable environment, linking trade and banking from one end to the other. This provides a common language on which the intelligent contract can be agreed and executed very quickly.

IT health

Health organizations are able to create a secure environment where patient information can be shared without including confidentiality.

Global e-commerce and IoT

The platform can maintain a complete, completely secure customer database on a wide range of networks including warehouses, logistics providers, payment systems and online stores. E-commerce can also benefit from the speed, efficiency and immutability provided by the smart contract.

Token generation event

Two types of tokens, GLY and ATU will be executed during this event.

GLY Token is an ERC-20 compatible token. It will be used for the payment of computation and storage operations on the platform. It also protects the system by requiring payment of operations inside the platform and making costly attacks.

Token ATU implements the Atum standard and works on the platform

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