Principle dismissed on Ethereum Mining


It was reported from a local press in China that teachers of a local middle school in Chenzhous province of Hunan were captured while they were digging the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, on school property. The operation was supposedly carried out for months and months but has not gone unnoticed

Ethereum's mining operation effectively slowed down the school's network by making it difficult for other teachers to actually do their jobs. In the end, the teachers wanted answers and eventually discovered the mining operation.

By way of explanation, the principal and the vice-president, who were accomplices of the company, transferred the operation to the school because of the excessively high electricity bill. Principal Lei Hua lost her job during the disaster and the vice principal was released only with a warning.

Hua explained how the machines were placed in the school and that initially he spent more than 10,000 yuan on the first rig and then came to realize that too much energy was being consumed, so he moved to one of the school's dorms. He then spent another 40,000 yuan buying another seven rigs and found that these would not be suitable for the dorm, so he moved them to the school. Overall, Hua spent the equivalent of over $ 2,000 in school electric bills.

This is not new in the industry

It is known that people in the past have used public resources to enhance private cryptocurrency initiatives.

A Federal Reserve employee was captured once in Bitcoin for two years (2012-2014) using government servers. He paid the fine of five thousand dollars and took 12 months of trial period.

As mentioned by CCN:

"An administrator of the New York Department of Education left us with much less time, digging only at night in 2014. Being a union employee, his fine was more interesting: four days of vacation worth about $ 600 ".

An IT manager was also captured at the Florida Citrus Department when he was captured when the agency requested an investigation into their bills being unusually high.

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