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Pricing for Bitcoin and Ethereum prices

The cryptocurrency market has had a really positive week, as the overwhelming majority of top-10 digital businesses managed to recover from this year's lows. The total value of coins in circulation reached $ 142 billion, or about $ 40 billion more than a week ago. Bitcoin hovers below $ 4,200 after a short run at $ 4,234 during the early Asian hours. The digital numeric coin n. 1 has been growing strongly since Monday in unfavorable market conditions. Market sentiment improved significantly during the previous week, allowing the market to enjoy Santa's rally. A strong positive momentum has improved forecasts, although some experts remain cautious.

Santa Rally continues to add billions to Bitcoin and Altcoin ahead of the holiday season

This year has seen a significant development around the cryptocurrencies both in the trading market and in the real-time use of cryptocurrencies. While several countries continue to prohibit the use of bitcoins and the like, many governmental and governmental organizations have begun to see cryptocurrencies as valuable financial instruments and have started accepting bitcoin payments which is a major improvement from a fundamental point of view. This year's slide has been caused by tough clashes that have been a serious disaster for cryptocurrencies, but institutional investors are starting to focus on cryptocurrency investments that are expected to increase the value of the cryptocurrency. bitcoin at the beginning of 2019.


Ethereum is one of the top performing digital assets among the top 20. The currency has gained 17% in the last 24 hours to operate above the critical $ 150.00 commitment. The market value of Ethereum exceeded $ 15.5 billion, although it is still in third place, below BTC and XRP. Average trade volumes rose to $ 4 billion during the early Asian hours, while more active trading is taking place at Bitfinex. On the daily chart, ETH / USD passed the DMA50 from the beginning of November. The breakthrough increased the bullish momentum on a sluggish holiday market, allowing the price to move towards the top intraday at $ 154.15. The currency returned to $ 146.37 at the time of writing, but the short-term trend remains positive as long as the price remains above $ 136.86 (called DMA50 above).

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