Prices of 21-karat gold today and the rise of the main karat in Arab countries

Today, Wednesday, December 2, gold prices have seen a significant increase of 21 karats, and 21 karats have seen a sharp increase in all Arab countries, compared to yesterday’s price, after gold recorded a global increase. $ 25, while an ounce reached $ 1,810, which led to higher prices in Arab countries Significantly, it can affect the volume of demand for gold in all markets of Arab countries, and the following is the price of gold. 21-karat gold in trade and retail markets in Arab countries.

21-karat gold prices today, Wednesday 2 December 2020

The current gold prices of the main gauge in Arab markets are “21 karat”, which recorded 21 karat gold in Saudi Arabia, a price of 191.04 Saudi riyal, and in the UAE 21 karat gold is was registered at a value of 187.10 Emirati, and its price in Kuwait reached 15.54 Kuwaiti dinars, and its price in Egypt was 788 pounds per gram In Iraq, 60,615 Iraqi dinars were registered and gold was registered at 21 carat, which was worth 36.11 Jordanian dinars.

21 karat gold prices today

Among the reasons for the global decline in gold and its reflection on the local market in the last week of November are the testimony of Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England before the Treasury Committee in Parliament, the announcement of the German GDP definitive “last quarter”, the announcement of American consumer confidence by the Congress Board, the Richmond State Manufacturing Index and the Financial Stability Report. From the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, which all gave reassurance messages to investors, which led to a shift in investor demand for gold and safe havens in general after a full week of gold decline

Since the beginning of August 2020, gold prices have retreated from the highest levels globally, which reached $ 2075 an ounce, which has led to historic gold rises in Arab countries, and the gold dropped to $ 1770 last November, so gold lost about $ 305 from its price, a drop of more than 2%.

The shapes of 21-karat gold are many and varied when compared to 24-karat gold, which is seeing a greater demand for it in many Gulf countries, but when compared to 21-karat, we will find that the assortments of gold sets are 18-karat gold are more beautiful, as there are plenty of 18-karat gold formations.


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