Price analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ethereum, XRP, EOS

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<p>  After weeks of lower lows below the all-time lows of 17 August, most of the coins under our review exceeded the lines of key resistance that triggers purchases.pack is Bitcoin Cash that despite the differences on the chain between nChain and Bitcoin ABC has increased by more than 20 percent in the last week and trades firmly above $ 600, our latest buy trigger line .Ethereum is late but could rise higher this week now that there has been a compromise on minors issues The Ether Awards and the adjustment of its network extraction difficulty </p>
<p>  Let's give a & # 39 look at these charts: </p>
<h2>  EOS Price Analysis </h2>
<h3>  News </h3>
<p>  As part of the BlockWorld 2018 conference, EOS was awarded Best Protocol and Blockchain platform for 2018. The event was held in San Jos and, in California, the theme was the development of decentralized cloud in which blockchain-related issues such as the development of smart contracts and the future of interiors are at the center of the scene. In all, EOS continues to trace the path in terms of excellence, applicability of technology and innovation. The genius of Dan Larimer continues to dominate the CCID rankings and in the last three months EOS continues to be top of the list as it is considered one of the most promising platforms to embark on the pioneer of the smart booking and token asset platform, Ethereum. [19659007] Technical Analysis </h3>
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EOS Daily Chart for Trading View

Although not perfect, last week ended with a 25% increase on a weekly basis. The reason why the gains were evident is understandable: EOS prices were basically in a consolidation phase before last week, swallowing upward and reversing the trend of the candelabra. While we can make a trading recommendation from last week's candlestick and go up for a long time in the lower time frame now that we have a clear Morning Star reversal pattern at $ 4, the best and most conservative approach is to wait for conclusive pushes. higher than $ 7. This level is the immediate resistance line and buys the trigger as expected in the latest commercial iterations of EOS.

Price Analysis of Ethereum (ETH)


One side had to yield and well, it seems the Ethereum difficulty of bombarding the implementation of the hard code would be delayed another 18 months. Apart from this, the miner's Ethereum awards will drop to 2ETH over the current 3ETH. This is obviously a temporary solution and ways to appease the miners who can move their hashes at any time if they do not find Ethereum mining profitable. Ethereum is preparing for the second hard fork as part of the network transition to Serenity and road map to the pole test.

Technical Analysis

  Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis
Ethereum Daily Chart by Trading View

Like in the rest of the market, ETH rose five percent, but prices are in the chart reality in the range and still do not exceed the first resistance level at $ 330. Regardless of this, considering the general sentiment and earnings, we suggest buying at spot rates with a stop at $ 250, the plan of this range. The first reasonable targets should be at $ 350 and then $ 400 assuming a high impulse

XRP Price Analysis


Stefan Thomas's reel is closed beta and because it uses the XRP and InterLedger protocols, XRP investors should find a reason to stay positive. Coil wants to solve one of the original sins of the internet, the lack of in-build monetization systems via ILP. Their main objective is to "level the playing field for content creators". Although the test announcement is not public, some parts have been invited to test

Technical Analysis

  XRP Technical Analysis
XRP Daily Chart for Trading View

Too much, XRP is increased by three per cent and encouraging, continues to reject the lower lows that strengthen the re-launch of purchases over the past two weeks. Even if the market is optimistic with the most anticipated breakouts, XRP still has to close above the highs of 17 August and, in fact, prices continue to accumulate horizontally. From the rankings, we can judge that the buyers have a chance simply by an effort with respect to the result: more than 12 days of sales attempts, the bears have not managed to cancel the earnings of 17 August. For this reason, traders can suspend trading, but they should commit themselves long after the bull's flag has been passed with immediate targets between 45 cents and 55 cents.

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis


A controversial report from the research group, Satis places the Monero rating at $ 18,500 over the next ten years. This is the x100 increase in market valuation at current prices that makes this money-centered currency and a high liquid currency one of the most wanted undervalued assets in space.

Technical Analysis

  Monero (XMR) Technical Analysis
Monero Daily Chart of Trading View

A 24% increase in the last week means that XMR has comfortably closed in bullish territory in the process confirming the bullish attempts of 15-17 August. Note that the August 31st purchase pressure pushed prices above the psychological resistance level of $ 100 and the highs of August 17 and, because of this, the path of least resistance seems to be on the upside. . That's why we recommend buying on dips in shorter times with safe stops at $ 100- $ 110 is reasonable. As for our last highlights, the first targets should be at the highs of July at $ 150.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis (BCH)


Encouraging, Bitcoin cash prices are immune to the drama Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC. With the support of CoinGeek, Bitcoin SV has launched an alpha version of Bitcoin SV and the implementation of the complete BCH node. Although BSV is fighting against Bitcoin ABC, which has 1444 nodes connected through its software, the community is working to reach a compromise between these two opposing camps.

Technical Analysis

  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis
Bitcoin Cash Daily Graph for Trading View

19 percent gain in the last week and is a direct purchase for Bitcoin Cash. It is easy to understand why. Not only do we have a confirmation of August 17 with the bullish swallow candle after the 1st of high volume and the confidence of the commercial range above $ 600, but prices are actually negotiated above our buy-trigger and the line of immediate resistance. In this case and according to our last recommendation, traders can start to spread out in less time with the first targets at $ 750, $ 850 and finally the June highs at $ 1,300.

Disclaimer : This is advice and opinions on investments do not represent that of the author. Do your research before making an investment decision.

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