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Price analysis of binary coins: BNB bears have exceeded the short-term key upward trend line

In early December, I wrote an article about why investors should pay attention MobileGo (MGO). The explosive popularity of the gaming industry and the impressive partnership agreement with Xsolla have led to an increase in the symbolic price of MGO. In addition, the MobileGo team has created an application called GShare, which has the potential to significantly increase the adoption of MGO tokens.

What is GShare?

GShare essentially allows users to rent the power of their computers to earn virtual coins. These coins can then be redeemed later for different game options, including tournament fees. Through this platform, a user can control the amount of computer resources used during the process.

Although GShare is currently only in the public beta test phase, virtual currencies can still be earned by making purchases for Xsolla products. But, according to Igor (the owner of the GShare app product), the objectives are much more global than Xsolla. Fortunately, I was able to do an interview with Igor and asked him about the goals, benefits and upcoming updates of the project.


What is the mission and the vision of the project?

Igor: Ok, the mission and the vision are basically to allow anyone, with the focus group to be players, to easily get free material. For example, to simply share their time and computing power, users can go out for free with games, games and eSports.

What is the advantage of this application compared to other gaming tools?

Igor: The main advantage is simplicity. Thanks to the partnership with Xsolla, another important advantage is the possibility of using virtual currency to buy games and make in-game purchases. In the future, I expect users to be able to earn items directly within the application. While there are other programs available on the market that allow users to earn virtual currencies, users typically spend a lot of time, sometimes up to a year, to earn enough virtual currency to buy a basic product such as a keyboard.

The overall idea of ​​GN Gold (GShare currency) is that we will eventually have an entire ecosystem that will support it. In the future, we expect there to be a deep integration between game publishers and the ability to use GShare directly to get different items: this is the first step to getting free articles outside of the games. We hope to separate ourselves from competitors by forming a more direct integration with the games themselves.

What is the current state of development? As far as I know, it's still in beta test mode.

Igor: Yes, we can say that it is a public beta test. But it is available. Anyone who registers on GShare can download and use it. The test mode is available for the first 500-1000 users of the platform. This will help our team identify and correct errors. At the moment, our internal version is 0.9.17.

If I remember correctly, there was a recent update. It's right?

Igor: Yes, it actually happened a few days ago. Next week we plan to update the version by adding other languages ​​including English, Russian, Chinese and Korean. Next, the plan is to add Spanish and Japanese in the near future.

Are there any other updates that you expect soon, maybe in the next couple of months?

Igor: I think the first obvious change will be some type of enhancement feature. After performing certain actions or activities, users will see their GShare Gold earnings increase. An example of upgrading could include an increase in earning capacity for two hours. We expect to start working on this feature on Monday, although I do not expect it to be completed before February.

How is GShare currently interconnected with other products? Are there any imminent changes in this regard?

Igor: At the moment, there are no direct connections except that a user can spend GShare Gold on the competitive platform. A user's GShare Gold is used as a participation fee. If a player wins a tournament, he will have the opportunity to receive the prize in MGO coins or GShare Gold currency.

As far as I know, both products (the earning app and the competitive platform) use the same username and password. It's true?

Igor: Yes they do it. All ecosystem products will be easily accessible via a single user profile. Therefore, we will mainly focus on integration with games and on the possibility for game publishers to integrate with us. In this way, users can directly spend GShare Gold inside the games or use the currency to get the articles directly.

Ok, are there any technical requirements before someone can run the GShare app?

Igor: I would not say that there are specific requirements. Since the games already require considerable computing power, it is fair to say that most players will already have the necessary hardware to run the app.

I just want to clarify something. As I understand, the eSports platform is now mainly used for casual games?

Igor: Yes. The eSports platform now targets occasional gamers while GShare is aimed more at a basic gamer audience.

What are the limits and how can someone know whether to use GShare?

Igor: At the moment, this is a very difficult question to answer as we have just launched the beta. During this test period, we hope to know more if an average gaming machine with an average GPU will be sufficient to earn profits for users. Although I can say that even laptops with only CPU are able to earn something right now. It is also important to remember that the upgrading function, where development will start shortly, will play a key role here.

What are the future goals for GShare?

Igor: For me, the goals are like most other technological activities: stability and scalability of application. Of course, we hope to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for users. Avoiding bad experiences, such as application crashes, are of paramount importance.

Some team members will work constantly to improve algorithms, stability and scalability, fix bugs and make small corrections in the background. In the short term, the priority is certainly to end up gaining functionality, testing it and getting as many game publishers as possible. The boost function is also very important.

Does GShare have the potential to change the long-term gaming industry?

Igor: Well, the long-term goal of the company is to do good things. We hope that all these products and GShare will be able to support the community and create strong social values. Users can choose to interact in the framework of a thematic platform. An example of this would focus on how a player's vision changes. It's not just about games, but it allows people to use their computers for many things without having to make any effort to get out.

…. and what is the purpose of the project?

Igor: Well, for me personally, the purpose is to provide maximum profit for users as possible. It would be nice if people could do the application overnight and earn a few dollars. It would really be something.

What are you doing to increase awareness of the GShare application?

Igor: Our team is working on it right now. In January, we plan to start introducing the app into the Chinese and Korean markets. Furthermore, we are negotiating with partners. Word of mouth among players will also play an important role. This, of course, will depend on the quality and success of the beta.

This will be my last question. What role do you play in this project?

Igor: Well, when I came to the company, they wanted me to lead the core. Before joining, I was a product manager for the core team in my previous role. The previous role gave me a lot of experience but, for me, it had become a little boring and not very interesting. It was really about the things the ordinary user does not see and that I was dealing with all the back end.

This project is different. It looks like "Oh, we never went" – now you do it! Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to offer end users all the possible benefits. I spend a lot of my time ensuring a good user experience.

Chris: Igor, thank you so much for taking the time to give me an interview.

Igor: Please. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have other questions.

Although GShare is still in the early stages of development, the potential is definitely there for a brilliant and meaningful relationship between players and publishers. With increasing awareness, there is a strong possibility that it will also increase the adoption of MobileGo token (MGO).

Disclosure: Chris is a long MGO token.

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