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President Erdoğan explains the markets!

Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey TOBB held in the Twin Towers economy convention in his speech, began by no desire to be in favor of the meeting.

The impetus of the Turkish economy that Erdogan at the hall where the council was, "We have so far built up in the architectural consultation of the economy ever participant here." It's nevertheless that we did & # 39 He did not say: Place has also come to the steps we are forced to squeeze in their hearts to our world, we do not hesitate to throw out of here consultations. "First people, the first country is not a slogan of choice for us, it is our philosophy of life. "expressions used.

Erdoğan said that the participants in the meeting were also the opinion leaders of their cities: "Our brothers here are the live representatives of the mechanism we call the market, in this sense, our opinions on your country, on your cities and your sectors have always guided us. " he said.

Turkey noted that over the past 16 years it has grown 3.5 times long with President Erdogan continued:

"We have opened up our entrepreneurs and investors with you, we have brought technology, e-commerce and the new sectors together with you in our country, we have improved your investment environment with you, short-term work allowance, social security institution pension payables, minimum wage support, authorized deposit support, VAT, SCT discounts, credit restructuring, interest rate reduction, SME lending, solution of problems of closing exports, leasing of commercial vehicles We have made relevant agreements and many other applications with you We have implemented the necessary measures to overcome the problems that threaten our economy by spreading interest and inflation, and we hope to reach our 2023 goals. with you. "

"Türkiye & # 39; yiz ekonomisiyken together, together TURCO"

Erdogan's Turkey, which indicates 10 major economies in the world will increase with the business world, the participants "in Turkey, the upper income groups coming from medium-high income groups will bring with you.The new generations, our 2053 and 2071 the vision, we will entrust with you.It would be no doubt about this and then we will listen to every request concerning the interests of our country and we will do what is necessary called.

"Together Türkiye & # 39; yiz, the Turkish economy to live together." "The secret of success in politics and other areas is to believe first, then to act and then to continue fighting without being persistent, there is no way to walk with unbelievers. victory with God's permission. Yat made his assessment

"It is thought that they are REPUBLIC OF TURKEY INDEX from nothing"

President Erdogan, Turkey's biggest problem is that external forces are not competing, he expressed that his team in incompetent and said:

"They acted under someone's command, always in the shadow of someone because they do not know the power of their countries, they do not believe and believe in their own people … it's not here, the continuous language of this section fills up. history and civilization in our industry, technology is whether production.I think they thought they were the Republic of Turkey from heaven to down by simple fall, in people and structures are also just a rock came out of the cavity. But we as a country and a nation As in every field, we have a very strong acquis in industry and commerce: we have scientists who have done a very important job on this subject, one of which is the late Fuat Sezgin.

2019 Presidency Dr. Fuat Sezgin Erdogan recalled the year in which they declared: "The work of Dean Fuat Hodja on the history of science and Islamic art is a bite for the world, but it does not mean anything to some of us in recent years, and their work on the social system shows us the greatness of the ancestors.Of course, they can not find what they are looking for in the Ottoman Empire and in the previous ancestor to evaluate with the criteria of European capitalism. He said.


Erdoğan stated that the Ottoman Empire has established the entire economic system to meet the needs of its citizens in the most just, most moral and efficient way. he stressed.

Erdogan stressed that there is no distinction between religion, language and race, especially in the aforementioned system, and said:

Iyle Everyone was contributing to the country through its production, and the state was observing everyone's needs and, at the center of the system, there was an understanding of the distribution of land, labor and capital in the fairest way possible between the sectors productive. The Ottoman soil system, which is the backbone of the economic system, is a world in itself.

Erdogan said he wanted to focus more on the industry and the Ottoman trade system, and said:

For example, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the production of metal objects, jewelry, dyeing, leather manufacture and weaving in the Ottoman Empire had evolved to become a serious source of exportation of the country. Again, a French business man was surprised by the fact that the silver threads produced in the Ottoman Empire were thinner and better quality than those produced in France, and an Italian traveler spoke a lot about the ability to weave, leather, shoes and clothing in our country. Many companies in Europe brought their yarns to Iznik and sold and sold them there. After discovering the secrets of the Ottoman painters, European chemical science was able to respond to the demands of the tissue industry. Some of the successful masters in the fields like horse, copper tin, etc. They are trying to be transferred to Europe with very interesting opportunities. Even the jewelers of Istanbul have requested a special stamp to be applied to the state to avoid confusing the high quality products they produce with the poor European quality.


Emphasizing that the Ottoman Empire was held in front of Europe in many areas up to 150-200 years, Erdogan said, alman course, there is a price to take the place of the right and the people. After Europe started mass production, the Ottomans did not remain inactive, and at least they made some moves to meet their needs, and each of the administrative reforms in this period was proven to be supported by economic reforms. . We believe we have left a great legacy to the future with the system of the presidential government, which we see as a new phase of our current tradition of 2 thousand and a half years. found in the evaluation.

Erdogan, the exchange rate of last year, the interest and the inflation during the fluctuation in the triangle did not give a certain test, stating that some of the following, continued his speech:

Üzerinde Examples of price increases that are never proportional to exchange and fluctuations in inflation, which can not be explained by reason and logic, are seen every day. However, it is very sad that someone turns to opportunism with the coverage of market conditions. We have an understanding of the administration, since we say: "When the neighbor is hungry it is not by us that we are lying." We are members of a civilization that claims that we pride ourselves on the morality of a merchant who takes care of the siftah of the his neighbor, so we must question ourselves in the face of recent events.


President Erdogan said: "We do not hurt anyone, we do not do business, of course, we do not act at the expense of anyone, but interest rates have fallen, inflation has fallen to a certain level despite the market not fall in the price of all the vegetable fruits or the like If there are people in these markets who are struggling to exploit my people, we have to ask for their account and we ask for their account.I still have the task of inviting everyone to talk about the problem of conscience and above all of morality we can not keep the flesh behind our ears. "

Erdoğan stressed that the periods in question were not the time to float and gain profits, but to reduce profit if necessary, and to remove the country and society. "What you want is not to ask for more prices than you should, but to see new gaps seeing gaps: our exporters understand what I mean". expressions used.

In this case, the exporters went to Africa, South Africa, Asia, loaded, looking for other geographies, not only, but they also changed the marketing methods, the quality of the product that Erdogan expresses ", so that our exports have increased continually, it went so far.While we have $ 36 billion in exports, we surpassed the record by exceeding $ 168 billion this year, he said.


In his recent talks with US President Donald Trump, Erdogan said that they must achieve at least $ 75 billion in trade volume, and reiterated that Trump recalled again during the meeting that they held last night.

Trump "Turkey is never enough and we do not find a trade volume of 10-15 billion dollars, we need to capture 75 billion dollars." President Erdoğan stressed that he used it again: "We will do it together, together, in every field, in fact I opened it without even opening, I know how strong you are in the shipyard." Let's take our steps. & # 39; expressions used.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continued his words as follows: "We should look for ways to increase our earnings and increase our nation's prosperity, we are also against speculators.

Another important point that we leave out of the world and that unfortunately we do not want to understand is that we will not be safe without being strong. We believe that the security of our country, like the clergy, starts from our borders rather than from our borders. For many years, by closing this same nation, almost all the perpetrators are forced to allow themselves to be forced, those who resort to it in every way to prevent this policy. Look, now we're not fighting terrorists in Cudi, Gabar, Tendürek, it's our second floor. Firstly, we are fighting terrorism and terrorists across the border. I would like to take this opportunity to invite our martyrs of Afrin, our martyrs in the operation of the olive branch, the mercy of God in their first year and their families. I say thank you to the head of our nation ".

This fight is not easy to draw attention to Erdogan: "After it will not be easy, we will continue this fight in a determined manner. Whoever will suffer the slightest attack on our country will pay the price for this very heavy." YPG and DEY, PYD, all , the price of this Pagano a lot, nobody bothered us about this. "he made his assessment


Erdogan, "As we met Mr. Trump 20 miles beyond our borders, this is a corridor for us, about 30-32 kilometers." He said,

"I hope we will have a trip to Russia from Monday to Wednesday, we will take into consideration the developments in the region with Putin and we will make the evaluations." The steps we have done there have provided a fortress of praise, which is now in the middle of Afrin, in the middle of Cerablus, we will continue this process with the same determination.

Now they have done our work on Münbiç as our friends and they are doing it. We will take the security of Münbiç and deliver it to the owners. We have no record of the territorial integrity of Syria. The Syrians are Syrians and we are trying to deliver it to their owners as soon as possible. One through politics, one of the armed camps, to someone to disinterestedly put their minds to it with the diplomacy tight mold in Turkey back on the table in a way that works. But those days are over. In other words, the gin came out of the bottle. "


Erdogan, Turkey thanks to the distance of the last 16 years, said that he realized the real power and possibility.

Turkey is a quarter of a century again, that Erdogan would have found the nation in the face of faddish turning back half a century, "every adversity, all the fluctuations of" we are dead, finished, we have one with the Intimidation of air, breaking the spirits, those who convert to a pessimistic meeting of the campaign, those who burn the game is done with desire, "he said.

Erdogan stressed that the first year of the Olive Branch Operation had been evaluated with this understanding: When you started this operation a year ago, you remember what someone said and even the work that makes the threats: He said. It turns out that they kept us away from Afrin for a while, and they wanted the completion of the preparations, and we had the same situation in the Euphrates shield operation. We have seen that it is better to take control of the people in Germany, the head of the main opposition party to the European Parliament, the YPG terrorist organization in Germany with a show of women in the show Posing with him, taking pictures, tell me friend yours, I'll tell you who you are, enough, what's up, so what's this? "


Erdogan said that now faced with the same Manbij reality and east of Euphrates, Turkey insisted that those who want to keep away from the area, thoroughly to strengthen the terrorist organization, even helical and said it was pursuing.

çıkarmayıp sound of the forces and terrorist organizations that have upset Syria, they open all their mouths Turkey, this game also are expressing their disappointment at the presence in the region is a part of the transfers Erdogan, the stability of Turkey in Syrian politics Euphrates Shield and olives received in Idlib with Branch At the time, he stressed that he showed the whole world.

He said that they had tried in every way to solve the problem east of the Euphrates with the Suhulet:

"We want to conclude that our negotiations with America, Russia and the other sections will end up reaching a consensus, but that does not mean we will wait for the proclamation, we will look at the preparations conducted before our eyes. our preparations and we will begin to take the necessary measures in line with our strategy

"Our proposal takes the security zone away from our targets so as to maintain control of the border in Turkey's terrorist organization." Erdogan said,

"In other words, we are talking about a safe zone against terrorists is not a safe area against Turkey .The kind we still experience the shortage in the north of Iraq, which can not tolerate an application in safe areas will be transformed into a new quagmire against our country Confine Syria makes our safe we ​​will personally bring We are ready to work with all those who will give logistical support to this effort, and I have expressed to Mr. Trump: give us logistical support. We will clean up the DAESH here, I told him personally: "Just provide us with logistical support".

Yet, here I am obliged to state clearly that Turkey, in particular because of the retention of the words given to him in Syria have experienced many difficulties, has paid a high price for. If the words spoken in the Obama term, we would have finished all the work with the Olive Oil operation, but we would not have kept the promises made. Mr. Trump is confirming it right now. We will no longer accept the payment of new taxes to our country and country. If there is someone who pays the price of terrorist organizations that target our country, they are the only supporters. We are committed to further accelerating our march towards our goals in the economy and in other sectors by resolving our security problems in Cyprus and the Aegean in our southern borders.


President Erdoğan, Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister for Social and Social Services, Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez, Minister of the Treasury and Finance Berat Albayrak, Minister of Education National Ziya Selçuk, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, President of TOBB Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and Heads of the Zones industrial companies and business men.

After President Erdoğan's speech, the meeting continued to be closed to the press for the industry representatives to listen to.

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