Prehistoric diet … a “magic” food recipe to fight obesity


The contemporary diet is the main reason for the exacerbation of the phenomenon of overweight and obesity, especially since food became more abundant after science helped speed up food production.

But what we eat daily to provide our body with the necessary energy is not always beneficial, but it can lead to serious damage to health.

Experts believe that the food problem lies in the quantitative and qualitative aspects. That is, we can eat more than necessary, or we can accept foods high in sugar and fat.

In the United States, for example, data indicates that nearly 40 percent of adults are obese.

30 million Americans suffer from heart disease, while one in ten have confirmed diabetes, which is caused primarily by unhealthy diets.

And in 2016, the World Health Organization estimated that 2 billion people on Earth were overweight or obese in the population.

Some experts believe that our contemporary lifestyle has undergone a major transformation, so much so that it is no longer appropriate for what we have eaten for 50 years.

A study announced by the scientific newspaper Science Advances, seeks to conduct an experiment in this sense, that is to measure the evolution of the dietary model and its suitability for lifestyle.

The study looked at the customs of the Turkana tribes in northwestern Kenya, mainly because a difference was observed between residents who maintained the traditional lifestyle and those who emigrated to the city and started eating in a modern way.

Thanks to this experience, researchers understood the benefits of the diet of our ancient human ancestors.

The study included a sample of 1226 adults across 44 sites, and the results revealed that those who continued to eat traditionally and closer to primitive, maintained much better health and performed very high in ten health indicators. .

As for the people who moved to the city, their health was much worse and the reason is that their diet was different from what it was before the migration.

Hence, going back to the old diet can be very beneficial, as it can also prevent dangerous diseases caused by obesity.

American health expert Dexter Schooner says most of the ancient diets were plant-based, as was the case with the Kenyan tribes included in the study.

He explained that Asians, for example, followed a rice-based diet for decades, while the Inca civilization paid attention to potatoes, in exchange for the Aztecs and Maya focusing on corn, as well as the ancient Egyptians’ dependence on wheat.

As for the most obvious difference in our day, according to the researcher, is the volume of trans food we eat, without realizing how bad it is for health.


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