Predictions on Ethereum prices 2018: How high can Ethereum go? – ETH price today – Monday 19 November


Ethereum 2018 price forecast. Ethereum is 2ND the most quoted cryptocurrency at the moment. Naturally, people will be intrigued by the opportunity offered by Ethereum's cryptocurrency. This is why investors are trying to find out about the Ethereum 2018 pricing forecasts.

Most of the cryptocurrency experts we're talking to are actually bullish on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Today we will discuss some of the forecasts on the prices of Ethereum 2018.

Ethereum 2018 price forecast:

Currently, the price of Ethereum is around $. The one-year forecast is that its price within the 2018 solar year will be around $ 2100. From the current price, it will look like it will double.

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are so optimistic about cryptocurrency that they think that within 5 years they will trade at least about $ 6700. This is a significant increase over current prices.

The reasons behind the rise of Ethereum are many. Ethereum is used as a platform these days by a wide variety of ICOs and other cryptocurrencies.

The capacity for smart contracts of Ethereum is 2ND to nobody. Many companies, as well as business houses, use Ethereum's intelligent negotiation skills to create their own products. This is further making Ethereum ever more popular. As the platform becomes widely used, it will gain more and more movement and this will also increase the price of cryptocurrency. As the decentralized use of the platform becomes increasingly popular, the demand for cryptocurrency will also increase.

Also, there are some companies that work exclusively on Ethereum's blockchain rather than Bitcoin-based blockchain. Thus, the prominence it will be able to achieve will be much higher than the Bitcoin-based blockchain. Even the basic technology seems to be strong enough. This is why the forecasts for 2018 and subsequently are actually quite positive.

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency in which you can invest in current prices, Ethereum seems like a safe bet. Also, with powerful applications and underlying usage, you can be sure that it's not just another inflated cryptocurrency. It offers great value compared to some other cryptocurrency tokens. Moreover, with a significant amount of market capitalization, volatility is comparatively on the lower side which will provide some degree of stability in the portfolio.

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