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Predictions blockchain and cryptocurrency 2019 – Vol. XIV – BlockTribune

Predictions blockchain and cryptocurrency 2019 – Vol. XIV

Opinion | December 31, 2018 br>
By: Bruce Haring

We continue our series of forecasts from industry thought leaders about what could happen next year.

With almost every measure, 2018 has been a busy year for the blockchain / cryptocurrency industries. Beyond the usual issues affecting young companies in hiring, marketing, technology and financing, companies have been involved in a crisis of trust with investors, as cryptography markets have lost 80% % of their total value from the beginning of the year.

Add to that the magical source of funding caused by the reduction of initial coin offerings, the increase in government control and the absolute ban on certain activities, and the bitter battles between technology developers that have caused market rotations, and it is surprising that any company has survived such serious winds against it.

But in 2019, the survivors of this industrial winter demonstrate confidence in the underlying technology of the blockchain and in the continuing promise of cryptocurrency. They stress that institutional investors are still on the sidelines and many retail supporters are still not at stake.

Add this to the constant interest of large companies and the spirit of innovation shown by blockchains and crypto-pioneers, and the story seems much brighter than the simple numbers would suggest.

Block Tribune has asked industry thought leaders to consider what might happen next year. Now, until the end of the month, we will highlight their thoughts on what could happen in what every hope will be a happy and prosperous 2019.

TRIBUNA BLOCK: Have recent cryptographic crashes affected your prospect and / or plans for 2019?

  • Reuben Yap, Chief Operating Officer of privacy coin, Zcoin:

    "The recent cryptographic crypts have certainly influenced our plans for 2019, productively We are tightening our purse strings to concentrate on development and construction This bearish market is wiping out projects that are not sustainable and that were only around to make money fast, I think we will have a long recovery period that will be healthy for the industry ".

  • Brian Norton, Chief Operation Officer of the original interface of the Ethereum portfolio, MEW (MyEtherWallet): "If nothing else, it has strengthened our commitment to our users to bring them a safe, free and easy-to-use experience when interacting with the blockchain and exposing people to many fantastic projects. that constructors in space are creation.The 2019 will be the demonstration of the vitality of space regardless of market behavior ".
  • Lan Filipic, COO of Sofitto and Sugi Card, a cryptocurrency solution based on cold storage: "Obviously, like all the others, we are closely observing the changes and feelings of the market that will affect our business, but we have not lost sight of what is important: Commitment to building the infrastructure for the new digital economy We are always strategically positioned for this type of market swings and the influence or dangers of "clamor", and as long as we recognize that it is all part of the our much needed economic evolution, we will stay on track ".

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which sectors do you think will have the greatest impact on the blockchain industry in 2019?

  • Lan Filipic, COO of Sofitto and Sugi Card, a cryptocurrency solution with cold storage: "The financial sector will continue to have the greatest impact on the blockchain industry because it is already highly digitalized, with the main areas such as payments, investments / trading and commercial finance. sectors of great impact will be the government sector, with respect to voting, land registry or even national digital currencies.While I'm not sure what will actually be implemented at government level, even an announcement or commitment to such projects could have a great impact: the third sector is energy and utilities, especially in the energy trade sector ".

BLOCK TRIBUNE: what role will the stablecoins have on the market in 2019?

  • George Harrap, CEO and co-founder of Bitspark – a stablecoin money transfer ecosystem: "Stablecoin will continue to grow in market capitalization and will expand into currencies other than USD in 2019. The biggest problem to solve is the ability to transact with 190 currencies, of which only around 30 transactions are digitally transferable, the remaining currencies are often geographically linked to a locality or lack the financial infrastructure necessary to be digitally available.The Stablecoin for these currencies will increase trust, transparency, traceability and they will offer new financial opportunities for the residents of those countries ".

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which event would you like to happen in 2019?

  • Samantha Yap, founder and director of YAP Global – a PR company focused on fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency: "This year, the editorial integrity of the emerging cryptocurrency media industry has been eroded by poor media coverage for a fee. We would like to see these practices of immoral journalism go away At the same time, we hope that more publishers and journalists of mainstream publications will begin to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency so that they can cover important stories about how this technology is already transforming our world . "
  • Reuben Yap, Chief Operating Officer of private coin, Zcoin: "We would like to see a more collaborative approach to the cryptocurrency space.We have seen so many infantile and selfish struggles within the community, when we should focus on how blockchain technology can help people around the world. on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) rather than on the real improvement in the meaningful adoption of cryptocurrencies shows that we have some ways to go to maturity. "
  • Brian Norton, Chief Operation Officer of the original interface of the Ethereum portfolio, MEW (MyEtherWallet): "If there is one thing that I hope will happen as a result of this dive is that low prices convince the curious to get out of the margins and start experimenting. Buy a number of ETH enough to play, exchange some tokens and really find out what the ecosystem has to offer.A bit of stability in the price would also be nice. "
  • Lan Filipic, COO of Sofitto and Sugi Card, a cryptocurrency solution with cold storage: "In 2019 and beyond we would like to see the products based on blockchain in the hands of an individual – not just the enthusiasts and crypto dealers. inclusion of blockchain ".

BLOCK TRIBUNE: ICO died as an effective fundraiser? Why or why not?

  • Carlos Domingo, CEO and co-founder of Securitize – a compliance platform for digitizing securities on the blockchain: "Yes, unregulated ICOs selling securities to retail investors have died for those issuers trying to raise funds from investors in major jurisdictions. follow the regulations and submit documents to the regulators, use the exemptions for the sale of unregistered securities or use the crowdfunding sites ".
  • Jamie Finn, President and co-founder of Securitize: a compliance platform for digitizing securities on the blockchain: "ICOs are actually just global crowdfunding and they were clearly very effective – the problem was expectations – people thought they were investing, but they were really paying upfront for a product In the future, digital titles should meet the original intent of the ICO. "
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